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the peppy relationships

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About Book:

30 Curated Short Stories by 11 writers across the world.
Stories are related to personal relationships that one goes through different stages of life.

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Writers of the book:

  • Saima Islam (Bangladesh)
  • Adegbamigbe Adewumi (Nigeria)
  • Javeriah Hameed (Pakistan)
  • Mitalee Mithal (India)
  • Archie Jain (India)
  • Aarti Dalal (India)
  • Sangeetha Rathore (India)
  • Smriti Rana Singh (India)
  • Taniya Roy (India)
  • Sutikshya Mallick (India)
  • Unnati Khanna (India)

Editor in Chief:

  • Janvee Garg, Founder,

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