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Speaking about the Journey so far, Spicetree Design Agency’s Founder Mr. Shiraz Khan said,

My unquenchable thirst for and indulgence in creative thoughts and environments define me as an individual. I am always looking at understanding everything there is to know about making the best impact through my work. These personal traits of mine are the reason why Spicetree was born to back creativity with in-depth analytics in the realm of digital marketing. We curate the web, print, and social media design; offer digital marketing solutions such as Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, mailers and retargeting; and develop our clientele’s brand identity while offering consultation on products and services.

The journey has been exhilarating and inspiring in my perspective, and I have faith that it has been the same for everyone associated with the company as well. I can write a book about the journey right now, but that’s for another day; as much as it is comforting to go down the memory lane, I intend to look forward and make SDA a living legend with some impactful stories yet to be created and be a part of. I am relishing prospective opportunities because in my opinion, the SDA journey has only just begun.


The source of major challenges was the declining economy of the country during the initial years. There was a direct implication on sales while clients delayed payments on several occasions. However, we got back to the drawing board and conjured safeguarding strategies to leave no margins for error, especially in terms of remaining unhampered by a nationwide economic decline.

Failures and challenges have always taught me. There came a time when I lost control of the pace at which we were moving from graphics to web technologies, that’s when we started to falter on projects, A few days into it when I realized we are going bad on quality, I immediately called for a meet of the core team and took complete stock of the projects. I broke everything into day wise tasks to ensure we complete it on time and to the best of our ability. The business development team was asked to go a bit slow in taking is more projects, coz quality was my main concern, the business would follow.

Why SDA?

I had a very comfortable and secure job before SDA was conceptualized and born.  While I was financially stable, the creative side of me was suppressed by mundane the daily routine; the monotony was uninspiring. This combined with my innate desire to reveal the concealed and subliminal meanings behind several brand ads and campaigns, made me realize the need to change course. I understood that my passion for creativity and innovation would gel perfectly with my knowledge of science, detail, and analytics. It was around this time, on the 6th of June, 2004 that I started my entrepreneurial venture, SDA. Once I began, I was spurred to keep marching forward with no inclinations to look back. The philosophy thankfully continues till this very date.


I came in with maximum sweat equity and minimum finance. This venture took off with a sum of INR 1,00,000 from my personal savings. The returns are more than anyone could have ever imagined. Today, we are an established brand in the field of web, digital and print design space with a team strength of 30 enthusiasts and still wanting to do much more. I don’t think I could have asked for more.

Future Plans

SDA lays a firm belief in ‘growth for all above all’. In other words, we believe that the growth of the highest orderlies in the inclusivity of clients, team, and all associates. In terms of tangible growth, our aims are to dwell in ad film production. ‘Concept’ has gotten lost in the wildfire of communication in our eyes as industry players continue to predominantly create and distribute meaningless and redundant videos time and again. Such uninspired content lacks the essence of thought, concept, and purposeful direction and poorly affect audiences to extents they are unaware of. We, therefore, intend to break this trance of mundane content by creating meaningful appetizers for audiences in the form of video ads, short films, etc. Our efforts will come to the fore once the ongoing project for our state-of-the-art in-house studio is completed as it will have the resources to make video content of the highest quality. 

Work-Life Balance

The discipline and value of time make this easy for me. I have always been a very firm disciple of punctuality. So I have fixed hours for work and balance for my personal life with family, friends, health, etc. An early riser I make it early to the office and leave on time. Have always encouraged the others at the office too for the same.

Out of the busy schedule, how much time do you take out for yourself to focus on your health and inner peace

Good Health is a top priority without which nothing would work fine. My work schedule is pretty organized hence doesn’t get too hectic hence my work schedule is never a hindrance to me taking care of my health.

How do you manage Work-Stress

Work stress happens when one does not maintain a balance between what they do. For me, two things are very important: being organized and value for time. I believe that when one keeps the right mix of both these things, work stress is automatically taken care of. 

Any misconceptions about the industry

I had a few earlier before I dived deep into this industry but now I have none.
This industry is as interesting and intriguing as you can imagine it to be, it’s very dynamic and hence very exciting

Anything else you think is important to highlight

“Be the game changer, the world is full of players”: this is the mantra of life for me. We have one life, which must not be wasted in the quicksand of procrastination or idleness. Those willing to enter the business world must also realize that the luxury to rest in peace is solely reserved for souls of the other world. I offer this piece of advice more than other words of wisdom; because almost all of us listen to the voice of sloth that has infiltrated and cocooned itself in our minds. We may even understand that we may be willing away our time, but we fail to act upon this realization. Overcoming this barrier, to attain constant exuberance will make a world of difference in terms of achieving success. Easier said than done, but it would be advisable to critically evaluate our self, ask pertinent questions, and seek inspiration to drive motivation.

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