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4 Incredible ways to define Love!!!

Fall in love a million times to make your life better than a million others: The most common answer to the best moments in anyone’s life begins with a popular phenomenon called love. A word which is mostly preceded by a broad smile on the face & heart-skipping beats. But most of us are still […]

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Blue Eyes of a Stranger!

And so another story has been told, In a slightly newer version now grown old; From being told many a time before, The truth this time again it was you swore.   As the cracks began thick and fast to appear, Your blue eyes turned hard with hate and fear; Not a glimmer of any […]

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Are we Grown-up, Really?

Being a grown-up is not an easy task but maybe behaving like one is. We never realized when our priorities changed and when those silly friends became the part of the family and when the family time just lost somewhere. Not demanding things from your parents unnecessarily makes you a grown-up? Earning for your family […]

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Deeper the Communication, Deeper the Relationship!

This mad rat race of the 21st century has made parents fallen into a trap of meeting deadlines at our prestigious workplaces. No doubt, even the children are burdened with their assigned duties. With such hectic schedules, both the parents and children are bereft of time. Therefore in such a busy life, communication with our […]

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Love alone cannot guarantee a Successful Marriage!

Marriage It is defined around the idea of ‘love’, an ingredient considered to be elementary to prepare the perfect recipe of life. Some of the most remembered romantic stories of our time revolve around the feeling of love. They used to be about lovers, them falling in love and how their story met a fruitful […]

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Stress for Bride & Family Related to Dowry!

Stress for Bride & Family Related to Dowry! In today’s times, one calls oneself from an open-minded & educated family. Yet, when it comes to marriage, in most of the families’ dowry exists! People now do not demand dowry. However, terms like “we want only your daughter, you can give your daughter whatever you wish […]

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Life: A juggle between Family & Office

Nowadays, life is a big juggle between home and work, especially when one is married. Having a great family time, ensuring timelines and targets are met is a challenge in itself. In most of the cases, one tries to meet one expectation (personal or professional) but the other is not met. Below are Certain personal […]

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Survival Guide: Realistic Relationship Problems

Is “GirlFriend & BoyFriend” just a short-term committed relationship in comparison to the terms “Spouse/Husband-Wife/Partner“? What are the implications of a relationship that began since school days? What is the future of young love? Being in love is one of the best feelings that a couple feels in a relationship, considering they are young adults […]

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Brotherhood & Togetherness!

Brotherhood & Togetherness! As parents one always feels that two or more kids are better than just one, the reason for it is so that right from childhood they learn to share, care, unconditionally stand by each other and enjoy their brotherhood. Now as adults, a majority of the brothers love each other yet certain […]

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Ethical & Managerial Issues at Workplace!

Today when everything is so expensive, mostly in a middle-class family it is mandatory for the husband and wife, both to work to ensure they can have a decent living. Hence, both come back home with some work stress for sure. Unlike back then those days when only men worked and women would handle only […]

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An Eye Opener to the Factors Effecting a Marriage!

When two people decide to get married, it is one of the most important decisions of their lives, irrespective of the fact that it being an arranged marriage or love marriage, saying the golden words, to the marriage vows ‘I do’, is their consciously taken decision to bond as Man & Wife. As days, months and […]

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Even though we say that our son is married, most adjustment and adaptation for and towards the family is done by the girl (daughter-in-law) who gets married into the family, especially for the couple living with their in-laws or otherwise too. Well, this is one of the most vulnerable relationship statuses which can cause stress […]

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Separated Family: Parents & Married Children!

Separated Family: Parents & Married Children! In today’s time, relationships have become an act of selfish behavior; mostly members of a family are only looking at a give and take relationship, rather – more of what they can take from this relationship than actually give or being thankful for what they have received for all […]

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