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Your journey from being a girl to a super mother. Love you, mom!


A Super-Woman, Our Mother!

Life is the name of a constant struggle, a battle with ups and downs. It takes a lifetime to build a castle and a few seconds to see it collapsing and hitting the grounds. It is moments like these that reveal a person’s truest companions. When the walls crumble and turn into debris, many leave because they don’t possess the courage to stand by a person’s side and carry the unbearable burden. From the time we enter this world until we are carried off by death, we come across many relationships in our lives. Some are just for a while, some deceive us and some leave us when we need them the most. Then, there are also some who are with us because of their self-seeking attributes. But one being that surpasses the care, affection, and love of everybody for a person is the “mother”.

In the words of Agatha Christie, “A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity. It dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.”



Since God couldn’t make a human being understand how forgiving and loving He was, He created mothers. Most of you will agree with the statement. It will definitely ring a bell in your heart and make you smile warmly. Silly and awkward moments will pop up in your minds. The blunders you did, the mistakes you made, the lies you crafted, the times you cried and the mess you couldn’t clear would remind you of the person who made it all okay for you- your mother. She is the superwoman who thinks about you before thinking about herself, who loves you more than she loves her own life and who is ready to use her powers when she sees a tear trickling down your cheek. Mom is the one who can sense sadness behind shining smiles, the woman who knows how to interpret silences and makes you happy with the yummiest food of all times. She is your friend, your confidante and what not. A mother is a shady tree which protects you from the sun’s wrath and is literally the best gift of God, a blessing.


Our Bond with Mom:

We are close to both of the parents but teenage usually bonds us more towards our mother. When we were a kid, she was a strict lady. She was particular about the rules she made and instructed us to follow them, made us respect people despite their behavior, made us be kind no matter someone was weak or strong. The way she looked at life was a perspective we had never seen before. It was a vast world with no boundaries and shackles. She made us believe in flying high in the skies without the fear of getting unbalanced, inspired us and believed in our ability more than we ourselves did. As puberty hit us and our circle of friends squeezes, we felt a rapid drift in our world. All of a sudden, life became gloomy. We looked at everything with mysterious spectacles and that was when we realized her worth. It was the time we found a best friend in our mother. We could talk about anything with her without feeling the need to filter things out. That is the thing we love the most about our mother, her belief in us. Due to some unavoidable circumstances, we many times are loud at her, behave rudely too with her but she never left us alone, never made us feel guilty or misunderstood. Instead, she would sit with us and ask about whats wrong in our life, or what is bothering us. She would point out our mistakes and correct them with her experience. 


The Guiding Light:

There is a time in life when everything seems as if it is about to end, your world comes crashing down and you’re trying to seek solace. You find a place to go, to hide and feel safe. All at once, everything seems scary. That is when you see a tiny dot of hope. As you look closely, you see her standing and spreading her arms. Your vision gets blurred but you know you have found your guiding light. You feel relieved and run as fast as you can. You hear your heartbeats in your ears, making a weird and magical melody. The steps you take towards her make you feel secure and then you find yourself wrapped in her embrace. The world is now moving in slow motion and you absorb all the feelings that you can: her love, care, support, and warmth. At once, you feel like the luckiest human being on Earth. You know you have it all. You know you can beat everything that tries to oppress you. Whenever you feel lost, you can tap on her shoulder and ask for guidance. A mother has a very special place in the heart of her kids. Why not, she really deserves it. She takes care of her child about everything at each moment, nourishes her child like a gardener looks after his plant, sows the seeds with love, with a hope to see a green tree one day. Lastly, she patiently waits for the sweet fruit.


It’s our time to Love them back:

But, there comes a day when those hands which held you strongly become feeble and they need support. The vision is no more crystal clear yet she sees you from afar. Her legs are no longer athletic and she can neither run after you nor play with you but she gets hold of her stick, takes tiny steps and reaches the main door when she sees a young man entering the house. The enthusiasm still exists. She gets closer and caresses your forehead lightly. She sees that the seed that was sowed is now a lush green tree. Time changes, life changes but the only constant during all this time is a mother’s unconditional, untradeable love.


We need not really have a special day to celebrate this everlasting love, while every day should be a Mothers Day! Speak your heart out to your mothers without expecting anything back in return. In this competitive world, we have somehow lost the essence of our family relationships.


Today, if nothing else, spend some quality time with your Parents. Give them a bouquet of flowers, take them out for a dinner, or cook something really special for them. Let them know how much you love them!

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