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4 Incredible ways to define Love!!!


Fall in love a million times to make your life better than a million others:

The most common answer to the best moments in anyone’s life begins with a popular phenomenon called love. A word which is mostly preceded by a broad smile on the face & heart-skipping beats. But most of us are still strangers when it comes to putting words to the definition of incredible love.

Based on some real-life experiences we are attempting a shot at describing love in simple words-

  1. A relationship beyond any ending:


A relationship between 2 people with no conditions involved is the most accurate description of love. There are no boundaries in such connection, no demands no complaints. The only task here is to never ask for an explanation for the existence of this unseen love. Dedication is what makes this bond of two people special, where they accept one another with their flaws & mistakes and promise to turn the negatives into positives. The path of love has no destination! On moving forward, we explore little magic tricks which we never thought were possible in real life. As humans we seek peace throughout our life & love is the only synonym of peace in the actual world.

2. A box of feelings tied up with unbreakable ropes:

Human is considered to be the greatest species on this planet because we have the power to feel everything. Feelings are the signboards which take us ahead in our lives, Excitement to explore something new in life keeps us moving forward day by day. On combining thousands of small feelings of affection, attraction, anger, nervousness, fear, hope etc. a big chunk of love is formed. Something we preserve in the safest place inside our hearts with the most protective lock system of our brain. This small box is what act as a shield for us in dark times of life. It provides strength in weak moments. A guide to take us home when we are lost in twisted roads of life. For survival, we all need this box of feeling.

3. A paint tool to fill the gaps between strangers:

You all must be familiar with the paintbrush tool in Microsoft paint application on our computer. The purpose of this tool is to fill the gaps between two objects & give the picture a perfect finish. Similar is the role of love in human life, we step alone in this world then we are introduced to our family & later when we grow up we start making friends to share the best moments of our life with them. But did we ever notice how we come close to someone who once was a complete stranger to us? But these man-made differences don’t matter. It’s only the tool of love which paints every difference in a color we are all attracted to. If there is any similarity between all the species on our planet than it is the power to love someone & be loved by others.

4. A U-Turn from the low phases of life:

There have been times in all of our lives where we have taken a blow & standing back again to the feet just seem next to impossible. We feel the path is blocked with a “No way ahead” board signage. In such harsh times, love act as a guardian who protects & make us strong to face any coming attack from negativity in our life. It is the time when love gives you strength to make a U-Turn on the path you already covered. But this time highlighting the positives from the situation instead of negatives. We keep all previous setbacks as a valuable lesson for the future. After all, life is about making fresh decisions and moving ahead to new dimensions of time. The primary motive of our life is to search for happiness & be stable with it, love acts as an indicator to guide us on the correct path.

Bottom Line:

To sum it up, we all should experience the magical tour of love. It’s high time we take care of ourselves and pamper the heart with all the attention & affection it deserves. In the struggle to survive we all would someday be confused & lost in the roller coaster of life but we need to grip tight to emerge victorious at the end of the ride. We would come across many distractions & stoppages in our way to love but dedication like always would push us to the bright side of life. Set yourself free from the limitation of human life & fall in love a million times to make your life better than a million others…

Article Credits: Vikas Pandey | Noida | India

Editor: LivePeppy

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  1. Having read this I thought it was very informative. I appreciate you taking the time and effort to put this article together. I once again find myself spending way to much time both reading and commenting. But so what, it was still worth it!

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