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Superfoods to Rejuvenate Mind & Body!

In summers, the only goal we have is to rejuvenate our mind, body & spirit. The key to achieve the same must be smaller but frequent snacks and meals. Smaller, but regular meals maintain the energy levels of a body. This also avoids sudden spikes and dips in sugar level.  An appropriate combination of superfoods […]

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A healthier Life begins in your kitchen!

Yes, you read that right! The secret to your healthy-being is lying around in your kitchen, hidden in the cabinet, chilling luxuriously in the refrigerator or sometimes tightly-quipped in containers. You just need to get hold of them and prepare a home remedy. Home remedies are, no doubt, most beneficial and convenient treatment to cure […]

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Food Adulteration & it’s effect on our Health!

Food Adulteration With an increase in the importance of food items in today’s time, the extent of adulteration in our food has also increased. The change in the natural composition of a food item that will depreciate its nutritional value is what we define as adulteration. In broad terms, the addition or subtraction of any […]

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Importance of a Colourful Diet!

Whenever you have to think about diet and necessities in daily life, the focus is usually taken over by the foods that should not be consumed. But when it comes to what is the right set of foods to consume, there is usually a confusion that arises. Hearing every day that fruits and vegetables are […]

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Are we eating Junk or Junk is eating us?

Junk Food & Characteristics  Junk food is a term which has become quite common in the modern day. Yet, it has a different meaning for each one of us. Let’s take an example of Burgers. They are junk food for some people while some consider it as a primary intake. Given the era we survive […]

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Healthy Dinner Date Habits!

Are you the one who is damn conscious about your health? Do you frequently keep a check on your calorie-intake? But do you know, when you go out for a dinner date with your boyfriend, you tend to have over 1,000 calories!  Keeping yourself in shape when dining out is simply a matter of ordering […]

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Most Incompatible Foods and Fruits

Everyone is fond of eating. Food is something that is always a highlight for every party, gathering, meeting etc. The variety of food at every one of these occasions attract you to try everything. But that is exactly what causes you to hold your stomach and grimace. It’s not because of eating but because of […]

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Did you have an Egg Today?

Did you have an Egg Today? Health Benefits & Risks of Eating Eggs: Eggs are one of the heavily consumed animal products. They are rich in Proteins, Fats, and Vitamins. Eggs consist of Egg Yolk which mainly contains fats (healthy fat) in them. You can either have whole egg (with yolk) or white egg (without […]

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A Difficult Choice: TEA or COFFEE

There might be very few people in this world whose morning does not start with a cup of Tea or a Coffee. Either of these beverages is a must for one to kick-start their day. Having a cup of either of them makes you feel less lazy & more confident.  So let’s get to know […]

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Healthy Foods and their Junk Alternatives!

Yes, my friend, you read that right. Till date, it was the other way round! But from today onwards, it’s gonna be healthier foods and their junk alternatives. Enough with the advantages of the greens, time to replace it with some cookies and cream! This article is about the prayers of all foodies, answered in […]

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Milk and Salt: Compatible or Incompatible

Two of the most important things that a human body requires are Milk and Salt. The nutritious values of both ensure that they affect our body in the most appropriate way. Let’s look at some of the nutritional values of both. Nutritional Value of Milk All dairy milk like organic milk, flavored or fat-free, contains […]

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No Sugar, Ghee etc to stay Healthy! Really..??

The essential macro-nutrients for your body are proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals etc. Your health mostly depends on the macro-nutrients that you are including in your diet. Each and every macronutrient has its own advantage and disadvantage. Sugar and ghee have their own pros and cons which we should know before including them in our […]

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