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Metabolism: A little change in your eating habits will do wonders!

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You must be thinking that this is another conventional metabolism improving article which may ask you to stop having certain foods and exercise a lot, but don’t worry fellow food loving and exercise hating humans, that’s not the case. We all read those articles and promise ourselves to abide by them, but realistically that hardly happens!

Many of us don’t even know what exactly metabolism is or what does it do apart from the fact that our Educational Books mentioned it. So let’s begin there:

What is metabolism?

In simple words, metabolism is a complex set of chemical processes that occur inside the cells of the human body to help sustain the same. If you’re wondering what these chemical processes are then keep on reading:

Over and all there are mainly three tasks of the metabolism-

  • Converting food into energy for the smooth functioning of the digestive system
  • Converting food into nutrients like proteins and carbohydrates which are vital for the body
  • Lastly, removal of hazardous acids through excretion

By now you must be wondering if there was a way by which you wouldn’t have to give up on your favorite pizza, also not get up at five in the morning for a run and still have a fast metabolism. Don’t fret because you are reading the right article at the right time!

The only thing that you need to do now is adapt to these few eating habits and not give up on your precious sleep and food while still being healthy.

10 Healthy eating habits to improve your metabolism




This may sound easy to do, but many times, we unintentionally skip meals. Remember the time you were upset with your mom for not letting you go to your friend’s party and didn’t eat dinner because you were angry? Or remember when you were getting late for office and didn’t have breakfast? And the list goes on…

So having all your meals and especially at regular intervals is necessary for the body.


Your metabolism slows down to store calories rather than burning them when you skip meals so as to sustain your energy. This way you are storing fat rather than burning it.


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Now this one isn’t exactly fun to do because let’s face it, the taste of green tea isn’t very pleasant. But before you go ahead to agree with the fact and be a hypocrite, think of all the times you were downing vodka shots without caring about your precious taste buds. So why make green tea the bad guy, when it tries to give you a better metabolism instead of disastrous hangovers?


It increases the metabolism by 4% within a period of 24 hours, therefore increasing the chances of burning extra calories in a day.


This doesn’t mean adding a little more chili flakes to your pizza or having an extra green chili with your snacks. Rather adding a little red chili to your homemade salad and perceiving it as the Caesar salad from a renowned restaurant near you.

Red chilli is known for generating thermogenesis (a fancy word for production of heat) which in turn boosts the metabolism.




We all know while coming home from scorching heat, no soda, no cold drink but only chilled water can lift your spirits. So do yourself a favor you’ve already been doing, drink cold water.


Cold water lifts a lot more than just your spirits. Drinking it the first thing in the morning shoots your metabolism high from the start of the day as the body has to work harder for producing heat( a fancy word for thermogenesis) after having cold water thus burning more calories.


Apart from keeping the doctor away, an apple also keeps the fat away from your body. Therefore have as many apple tarts as you want.

Fibers are indigestible, hence the body works harder to break them down, in turn breaking down some calories.




Drinking milk does a lot more than just keeping you taller, stronger and sharper.

Calcium deficiency slows down metabolism apart from drawing white lines on your nails. Drink milk, maybe with your favorite chocolate? Something is better than nothing! 


There’s a reason iron-man could save the earth from the bad guys because he was eating spinach, beans and a lot of cereals.

Iron carries oxygen that your muscles need to burn fat. So eat spinach even if it’s in a pasta.


Time to smack that midnight snack out of your hand! Sadly that peanut butter toast at 1 am is a foe to your metabolism.

Metabolism slows down after the sunset since it doesn’t get vitamin D and stores more than burning.


Good news for fish and chips lovers, you can continue eating that except for the chips.

“Research” suggests that protein increases metabolic processes by 40% post meals. So eat lots of fish but fewer chips.


Now you finally have an answer to when the teacher asks why you’re chewing gum in the class.

The more you chew the higher amount of energy is used even before the food has reached your stomach.

Now that you’ve decided to do all this from tomorrow, go have a burger while you still can 😉

Be Happy, Be Peppy!

Article Credits: Sugandha Singh | New Delhi | India

Editor: LivePeppy

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  1. I eat a lot of healthy stuff, but still I have a very low BMI. I wonder if this is also a game of Metabolism.

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