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Grands Parents Vs Us- How there is a vast generation gap!


The generations before our parents, or otherwise known as the Baby Boomers, have been known for blooming in number after the older generation was in sparse numbers due to the Liberation period. Nations were getting liberated from shackles of dependence and didn’t have as many scientific and medical advances as seen in the later generations and, today. People of that time believed in traditional methods of treatment and were less likely to depend on medical science for their health.

One of the major factors of having lifestyle diseases in this age is because of the sedentary lifestyle that the later generations have adapted to over time. This lifestyle was created for convenience but has now turned into a nuisance for people’s health. The reason why people are still falling into this hole is that; people fail to recognize the consequences that their actions might cause them.

As our grandparents say to us, the grandchildren, they were always out to play when they were young and out to work when they reached the right age. It is true, as the amenities that are available to us today, like smartphones, tablets, PC, etc. the children prefer to stay at home and play with the technology as it is fascinating than the outside world. At the time of our grandparents, services weren’t available to them.

Their generation spent most of their time outside their house, which was mentally and physically healthy for them. The main reason for these lifestyle diseases is stress. With the competition, recession, world terrorism and social issues rising every day, people are finding it hard to cope with all these problems and fall prey to these diseases.

Diet and lifestyle are really important to keep in mind when keeping yourself well. People usually overlook their health for wealth. The Baby Boomers were still in the understanding stage when developments were taking place. Stress for a job placement or education wasn’t something to be taken into consideration. Times were simple back then, and people were satisfied with the earnings they received.

We later started noticing the growth all around the world and decided to hop on that bandwagon of success and prosperity. While searching for success, it is the children of the baby boomers who were given the responsibility to earn in bigger amounts than their parents. Value of money decreased and value of everyday items grew higher.

Another cause of lifestyles diseases is behavioral factors like unemployment, poverty, family life, etc. This stress was passed on to the next generation rather than the baby boomers, and hence the chances of the baby boomers suffering from cardiovascular diseases that are caused mainly by stress is a lesser probability than the generation ahead of them. The baby boomers are still known for their susceptibility to have a cardiovascular ailment, but not more than the generation ahead of them.

Having an active lifestyle helped this generation to fight many diseases as possible, as their metabolism was always up and running. Having a high metabolism helps the body to fight as many diseases as possible. Metabolic Syndrome is a health condition where a person has a higher probability of suffering from heart diseases, high blood pressure and also, stroke. Metabolic syndrome is caused by poor lifestyle choices made by a person. But the older category is more likely to get affected by the same. Metabolic syndrome has been getting quite a lot of attention in the public, as more and more developments are being done in the medical field, and more things are being disclosed about the human body. Metabolic syndrome is a breakdown of the body from the unhealthy lifestyle that we lead.

People from past generations who were a part of the World War period didn’t have sufficient foods that would fulfill their dietary plan due to being immersed in the war. The generation after them was still going through the aftermath of the War, which was also known as the Cold War. But people started building themselves back up from the ground up and started adopting healthy options. The baby boomers generation had meals with sufficient nutrients in their diet, had an active lifestyle, and therefore had less probability of getting affected by lifestyle diseases. The drastic change seen in the latter half of their life has now made them even more inviting of these lifestyle diseases.

It is said by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CPC) that every 1 in 30 adults from the baby boomers generation might have Hepatitis C and not know about it. Hepatitis C is another lifestyle disease that affects the liver, more likely, a virus infection that causes liver inflammation and can cause liver cancer. It is an infection that circuits the body through blood. Baby boomers might be affected by it, and might not know, as it has no distinctive symptoms, and is known as a ‘silent disease’.


It is necessary we take care of our grandparents just as they did with our parents and us, their grandchildren till this day.

Going for regular check-ups, helping them get the right treatment, maintaining the proper diet for them and ourselves and also having a calm lifestyle is now essential for everyone on this planet, regardless of their age.