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It’s time to make a place for clay pot in your kitchen. Know why?


It is quite unfortunate that we’ve forgotten the use of earthen or clay pots. We’re habitual to drinking mineral water or the one from the RO purifier. With the advent of technology, almost every household has a refrigerator today. You’d be surprised to know that drinking water from clay pot is still in practice. And much more surprised to know their enormous benefits. Because, why not? What’s not to like about clay pots?

The idea of drinking water from clay pot may sound too old, too unhealthy. However, most of us have seen our ancestor’s drinking water from a clay pot. They followed this ritual since they knew the qualities a clay pot has. Earthen pots are rich in vitamins and minerals just like our mother earth.

Benefits of Clay Pot:

clay potRemember the good old days of summer, when there were frequent power cuts and your resort from the heat would be clay pots. Scientists say that storing water in a clay pot is the best option. The temperature in the clay pot adjusts itself to the climate. The water stored in it gets cooled down automatically according to the temperature. What could be more amazing than a simple container made of clay can get a cooldown on itself!

clay pot

Clay is said to be porous and alkaline in nature. Clay pot has also been blessed with the same characteristic. Because of the porous nature, water particles in the stored water gains energy in the form of heat, then converts into gas and eventually mixes up in the air. The small holes in the clay pots which are only visible at a microscopic level allow water to seep through the holes and gain energy. The alkaline nature of clay pot helps maintain the Ph balance in our bodies by interacting with the acidity of the water.

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Consuming water from clay pot can help curb acidity and provide relief from gastronomic pains. This quality is one of the most amazing benefits of drinking water from a clay pot. It is also said that, when acidic foods like meat or milk are cooked in an earthen pot, the acid in them is neutralized by the clay.

Drinking water from clay pot can boost metabolism and improves digestion in the body. Plastic bottles have a hazardous chemical like BPA (Bisphenol A) that clings on to the water molecules and poses a threat to the health.

Clay pot water also helps maintain a level of testosterone in the body. Which is otherwise, is also hampered by the water in plastic.

clay pot

Clay pot water tastes natural and pleasantly chilled. It is gentle on the throat and favorable for people suffering from a cough or cold. It is also a great option for people suffering from respiratory diseases during the summer. Since, the fridge water can be too cold and water stored in a plastic bottle can be too warm, clay pot water is the right thing to go far.

Remember the times, when we came back from the playground full of sweat and mum always advised us to drink water from the matka rather than the fridge. And we always wondered about the logic behind the same? Now that we know, drinking water from clay pot can prevent sunstrokes during summer. Since clay pot water has the necessary nutrients and vitamins, it helps the body to maintain the body glucose and prevent heat strokes from happening.

Some other benefits:

  • It is said that people who drink water from clay pot have fewer chances of developing throat infections as compared to those who drink chilled water from the refrigerator.
  • Clay pots are quite eco-friendly. They have the ability to cool water without electricity.
  • They produce no harmful by-products during the production of pottery.
  • Earthen or clay pots are very cheap and affordable. They are light on your pocket.

clay pot

Now, let’s take a look at few hazards of water stored in plastic, aluminum containers etc.

  • Water stored in an aluminum vessel, mixed with water, enters into the intestines and thus, making your body prone to diseases.
  • Refrigerants have organic compounds known as CFCs or chlorofluorocarbons. The CFCs leaves us vulnerable to harmful effects of ultraviolet radiations of the sun.
  • Chemicals in a plastic bottle have estrogenic activity and can leach into the water.
  • Modern-day purifiers are made from unsustainable materials that are not decomposable. They are less eco-friendly as compared to clay pots.

How to use clay pots?

  • Buy a clay pot (you can find one in your local area), clean it before storing the water.
  • One can boil water, allow it to cool down to room temperature and put in the clay pot.
  • One can also take filtered water from the water purifier and add it to the clay pot instead of the fridge.
  • Do not forget to change the water stored in the clay pot regularly and clean it at least once in 3 days.

Some precautions while using clay pot:

  • Keep them clean to ensure they’re germ-free.
  • Make sure you cover it all the time so that insects, dust etc doesn’t enter the water.
  • Use a long-handled ladle or a tap to dispense water from the clay pot. Putting a glass directly inside will contaminate the water.
  • Before buying, ensure that there is no crack or damage in the pot. Otherwise, water may leak out.

Lastly, get a clay pot at your home if you don’t have one. No other water can quench your thirst and satisfy you like water from clay pot does.

Stay healthy!