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Are we being fooled by our Education system?

Don’t blindly follow the trends in Education instead question the Dictatorship: The moment we step into the real world, we are introduced to a strong word ‘Competition’. The instructions are clear, to clear your competition you just need one tool i.e. Education. But with the advancement of time, the competition has surrounded the tool of […]

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Euthanasia: Death with Dignity!

Euthanasia, the term means Good Death. Euthanasia is the act or practice of ending the life of hopelessly sick or injured patients to relieve pain and suffering in a relatively painless way. This leads to a gentle and easy death. In this act, generally, a doctor is allowed to end a person’s life without pain […]

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Superstitions around the World..!!

Subscribe to LivePeppy immediately, else the Gods will punish you with bad luck! You know that it’s untrue but what you should also know is that a black cat crossing your path is equally untrue. Yet, some of us live by this and similar superstitions very seriously. So “cross your fingers” for you are about to […]

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Stop judging kids by their appearance!

It is pretty common to hear the comments about how a kid looks like. This begins with wearing something different, being too skinny, being too short in height or vice versa, walking in a different way and even for being the wrong color. People are quite open to comment and make judgments about others. It’s […]

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Is India really Incredible?

Traveling is a therapy for the soul. But, the search of a perfect traveling spot sometimes becomes cumbersome, especially when one thinks of India. As it has a plethora of beautiful landscapes, serene hills and an array of beaches for the party planners of the town. And I saw that apart from the immense charm […]

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