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Is India really Incredible?


Traveling is a therapy for the soul. But, the search of a perfect traveling spot sometimes becomes cumbersome, especially when one thinks of India. As it has a plethora of beautiful landscapes, serene hills and an array of beaches for the party planners of the town. And I saw that apart from the immense charm from Goa, India has much more to offer.

Why is India a Popular tourist spot?

It is because of the lush greenery and the serene atmosphere at hills which takes us away from the city life? Or due to the magnificent beauty of tombs, temples, and forts at the heart of the capital, Delhi?

So multitude options definitely make a visit to India a delight to one’s heart and solace to one’s mind. A remarkable connectivity from all modes of transport gives this country a brownie point. Above the marvelous connectivity, India is a hub to explore different cultures.

Indian Culture, Tourists & Beautiful Cities

Each state with its own customs, cultures, and diversity makes the country even more enriched. In addition to the Indian culture, it’s the tourists that made this country an Incredible one.

If someone dreams of making snow castles then hill stations like Dehradun, Mussoorie- the Queen of Hills are on top of the list. Or if one wants to soak in the sun and have a therapy then India has many other options like Jaipur, Agra and more. No doubt India is incredibly beautiful thus making travelers flock to travel the beauty but, some parts of India are in a trap of increasing crimes. Despite the security, the crime exists.

The Indian States which are no more the Beauty rather being a Center for Crime are:

1. Agra

Agra, which is famous for its Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, and Fatehpur Sikri, all three are UNESCO World Heritage sites. Today, that magnificence has vanished, as the iconic Taj structure has cracks and might collapse, though this information is officially unconfirmed.

Following are the dangers in Agra:

  • Pickpockets

This is a common sight in Agra. The tourist and even locals are afraid to carry valuables. Because snatching of a bag, mobile phone and pick-pocketing happens in almost every nook and crook of the city especially near major and crowded tourist spots.

  • Scamming

Scamming is one crime that happens in all parts of India. Such incidences usually happen with innocent tourists, especially foreigners and the same lead to poor experience amongst the tourists.

  • Transport and Taxi Risk

The tourist is being cheated by the locals who are involved in the transport services.  As the tourists are unaware of local fares, these taxi drivers are reluctant to start the taxi meter and ask for the price they want. Even the traffic scenario at some places is a chaos, which again ends up with a bad traveling experience.

2. Ahmedabad

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The most secure place to live in India was Ahmedabad. Sadly, this metropolitan city, famous for its textile mills and popularly known as “Manchester of India” is now a crime capital of Gujrat.

  • Facts

The report shows that incidents of rape, kidnapping, house break-ins, and robberies have risen significantly in the past one year. In 2017, as many as 159 cases of rape, 405 cases of kidnapping, 699 cases of house break-ins and 253 cases of robberies were registered in the city.

  • Lack of Fear

Comparatively, the crime rate in Vadodara, Surat, and Rajkot is much lower. The report has interrogated the workings of the police department. Even serious crimes are being not taken into account and criminals are bailed thus this turns them into habitual offenders. The fear is missing and this can only be corrected by enforcing strong punishments.
Former police commissioner MM Mehta, Ahmedabad, said, “Ahmedabad is growing into a metro resulting in population rise and in that context, the crimes are also rising. However, the police recruitment is not happening in that proportion.” A senior police official, requesting anonymity, said, “The report clearly does not present a good picture for the police department. So strategies need to be remade in the common pursuit which is the safety of public and tourists.

  • Deterioration in Culture

With an increased number of Molestation cases, women, like earlier times, won’t go out at nights to celebrate Navratri and traditional folk dance which further results in deterioration of Indian culture.

3. Goa

Konkan coast was mostly a favorite destination for people due to the amazing beaches and the magnificent architecture. Sadly now it is a trade of drugs and alcohol.

  • The statistics also highlight that the Goa police have been able to ‘solve’ 82% of 2017’s crimes, a 1% rise over last year. While the number of murders in the state stayed put at 30, this year saw a dip in kidnapping and abduction cases, with 86 as opposed to 98 last year.
  • There has been a rapid rise in drug-related cases in the state. While in 2016, Goa Police registered 60 cases under the  Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act, the state registered 147 in 2017. This is a massive jump, as the state in 2014 and 2015 saw just 54 and 61 such cases respectively. Hence the government decided to constitute a special group which can take notice of those involved in this drug trade.
  • The rich cultural beauty of Goa is now being replaced by binaries of drugs as a result deaths along with crimes.

So India being incredible is a question of debate. No doubt it is a land of varied cultures and diversity. It is a land of historical events, wisdom and wealth. It is true that with increasing population, the crime rates have been increased yet some states which are untouched by the crimes and are a must visit like Surat, Jaipur, Chennai and many others. We must understand that no country, no human is perfect. Each one has flaws but it always depends on us to recognise those flaws and try to improvise before it’s too late.

Be Happy, Be Peppy. 🙂

Article Credits: Unnati Khanna | New Delhi | India

Editor: LivePeppy

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