Parent and Child

Why is your child keeping secrets from you?

Some doors don’t need keys to open instead a gentle turn of handle might unlock them easily… Just like the grown-ups, children too have a regular habit of keeping secrets from the world. Something they preserve deep inside their heart, something they have full control of and are not ready to share with anyone. And […]

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“Finish Your Food” is not always the best!

As indicated by obesity specialists, the US obesity rate has dramatically increased for preschoolers and young people. Adolescents are at more serious hazard for medical issues, like diabetes, and coronary illness. All in all, how do guardians and parents should encourage kids, and the whole family, to eat some really healthy food, both at home […]

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Homework Tips Every Parent should know!

Homework time can be moanful for both children and parents. As a child, one would mostly feel that the teachers are burdening them with lots of work. Some may also feel it as a punishment system introduced by schools. As parents, one may feel that teachers are passing on the burden on the parents to […]

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Good Touch and Bad touch

“The time has changed from “reciting poems and fairy tales” to teaching about  Good Touch and  Bad Touch” This article is all about the most important issue of today’s era which needs to be discussed and to be made aware of “Good Touch” & “Bad Touch” We all have heard some news about child abuse […]

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Childhood: Technology Vs Parenting!

Take control of yourselves or technology will hold you captive the entire life!!! Childhood is the most beautiful of all the seasons in one’s life. We all will nod our heads in yes to give the phrase an agreement. Childhood acts as a pillar to the strong foundation of our life. Like any construction, it […]

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How to Swaddle a Baby?

How cozy do you feel when you see a baby swaddled in a lump of blankets? Surely, the sight is a spectacle to behold as it gives you an intense joy and warmth to look at a baby that way. However, did you know that wrapping a baby in a swaddle is no easy task […]

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Family of Two Kids Vs Single Child Family!

The Demand for Family & Time is to be wise & make the decisions for the future beforehand! A family is a shelter we develop for ourselves amidst this world full of strangers, a roller coaster ride which goes up & down at regular intervals. A family is the source of positivity we derive energy […]

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