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Appreciate your child, the right way, and feel the difference!


Parenting is perhaps one of the trickiest and hardest jobs that someone could find themselves employed in. As your child grows, he crosses several phases of development, each bringing its own effect on him. As a parent, you have to through a surge of emotions every single day, as you laugh with your child or scold him for a mistake. But, what is the right way to bring up a child? Should you avoid scolding him? Or perhaps, limit your display of affection to control your child’s habits?

If you have been asking yourself these questions, here is some idea about appreciating your child, the right way!

Do children need to be appreciated?

Imagine having done a task. It could be anything from cooking something or cleaning your clothes. When you are done doing it, don’t you expect your better half to appreciate you for doing it? Now recall when you were a child and came out of your room, having just drawn a picture in your scrapbook? What were your hopes as you would show it to your mum and dad?

Complimenting someone on their achievement is an extraordinary feeling, something that causes elation in the receiver. It motivates them to continue performing well and maybe even improve at it. It gives a sense of value and a feeling of being accepted, even when you have done something imperfectly. This is how a child feels when you appreciate him for the little things he does. However, simply bucking him up with lame words, for ambiguous events or habits won’t do much good to him. There is a danger of raising his impression of himself higher than what it should be, which would turn out to be a trouble later.

So how exactly should you be appreciating your child? As per a research, it has been found that words of praise that compliment the child’s hard work, his methods, and his personality traits, are the most motivating. Every child is beautiful and amazing but reminding it through an appreciation will strengthen his belief on the same and help him improve in life.

Here are some compliments that your child will love to hear and feel confident about himself.

  • Character:

Your child can learn about the world in his textbooks but what he needs to learn in the real world are values. Honesty, integrity, and generosity are some traits that make this world a better place. When your child displays these qualities, learn to appreciate him for the same.

  • Respect:

It is too easy to scold a child for being mannerless but how many times do we remember to applaud them for showing manners? Doing this will put them in a habit of showing respect when needed.

  • Contribution:

As a family member, when your child contributes towards any matter of the family, he should be appreciated for it. This will instill a feeling of belongingness in him, making him willful towards pitching in for family tasks.

  • Methods:

How your child achieves a task may not be the same as you might have thought. However, disregarding his way straight away will do more harm than good. Instead, try to be supportive and appreciate his efforts whenever he tries to do something.

  • Errors:

Childhood is full of them, in the same way as your own. Your parents didn’t banish you to the never-lands for doing anything the wrong way, did they? This is how you got to support your child and appreciate his errors as well. This is the better way to make him understand where he went wrong and what needs to be improved.

  • New:

Childhood is full of new learnings and activities. While rewarding your child for every new learning may be a bit over the top, you can use appreciation as a token of congratulating him.

  • Improvement:

Every time your child displays improvement at something, he needs to be appreciated and reminded of the journey he has covered so far and that remains to be covered. This will help him judge hi-efficiency and muster improvement.

  • Friends:

After family, friends are the next social circle that your child will have. It is important to hear what he has to say about them and what he tells you about them. Appreciate his friendship with a child as this will boost his confidence in making choices, hopefully, the right one.

A few words of appreciation never cost anyone a cent. As a parent, it is up to you how you bring up your child and boost his confidence before he becomes an adult and judges his actions himself.

Article Credits: Mitalee Mithal | New Delhi | India

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