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Childhood: Technology Vs Parenting!


Take control of yourselves or technology will hold you captive the entire life!!!

Childhood is the most beautiful of all the seasons in one’s life. We all will nod our heads in yes to give the phrase an agreement. Childhood acts as a pillar to the strong foundation of our life. Like any construction, it also needs a solid material to strengthen its grip on the land. The material we are talking about is parenting. A child is born free from any knowledge of what is wrong or what is right. He has no idea of what problems he would be dealing with in the future. He doesn’t have any set of principles or moral values. Parenting is the one-word solution to all the questions a child might face in his entire life. But do we really realize the importance of this pillar in life? Are we really doing it the right way? Has technology over-shadowed all our efforts at parenting? Are we in control of the lives of our child or are we all in captivity of technology?

Let’s find out!

No time for Kids

We all lead a life full of different activities which give us financial support & assist us in making our life full of pleasure. With almost no time for relaxation, we search for anything that saves some of our time. We find our solution in form of machines which have the potential to do our tasks quicker & better than we can.

But do we realize in search of these machines we are getting disconnected from the human world?

The worst impact of this falls upon our relationship with our children. The more time we spend with the machines the lesser we have for our children. Often in the busy life, we ignore the small moments of happiness we could have lived with our little ones. Technology has eaten our happiness without us even realizing it. The machines are widening the gaps between our connections with our loved ones.

All we need now is a perfect balance between our professional life & our personal life. Once you are done with the office you need to dedicate yourself to your family & get connected with them as much as possible. Share the happy moments which are rare in today’s time.

Machines are the guardians now

At a young age, our children search for a hero who can rescue them from any problem in life. We as parents need to behave like the leader who takes the child through difficult & risky roads of life and give them the strength to emerge victorious in any dark aspect of life.

But at the present time, we don’t even want to focus on being a leader. We are pre-occupied with a hundred different tasks in our life. Impressing our boss, investing the money, display of power amongst the neighbors etc. Due to this, our children find alternatives to their superhero on digital platforms. They rely more on ideologies of fictional superheroes like Superman, Spiderman, Batman etc.

Technology here plays a keen role in spoiling the ideologies of our children thus separating them from the real world. We need to be present in every hard situation with our kid & make him feel protected, shielded from anything negative. We need to lead them by example instead of giving their remote controller in the hands of technology.

Emotional & Physical adverse effects

There has been a lot of advancement in technology in modern times. Since childhood, we start gifting our children electronic devices which acts as a mode of entertainment for them. They spend 70% of their time in the virtual world they establish with help of these devices.

99 out of 100 kids today would pick up a mobile phone over a human friend who wants to play an outdoor game with him. This change in choice has been affecting our children both physically as well as emotionally. Children spend most of their time sitting in front of a gaming machine instead of playing out with friends.

This has severe effects on health thus making eye vision weak, over fattening body shape, anxiety issues etc. The demand of the time is that we being their protector guide them to healthy habits in life. We should take our children for outdoor activities and actively participate with them. We need to teach our child that he can survive without a machine. But he won’t survive without a friend in the real world.

No exposure to the real world

Due to this relationship with technology, kids find it difficult to survive on facing the challenge in the real world. They are habitual of virtual life which is full of pleasure & thus become hopeless coming face to face with an extreme real situation.

A child without a close friend would find it very difficult to move to college full of strangers. He won’t have the guts to open up with someone he barely knows. He is habitual of machines which don’t ask questions. We really need to strengthen our children in real life. Let them explore aspects of real life instead of surfing through web browsers on the internet.

Children are the blessing we all crave for our entire life. Once we have them we really need to put in our efforts to make sure they fight hard for their survival. We need to be with them to cherish their happiness & appreciate every little victory they gain in their life. We are the building blocks of a child’s future, thus should take their control in our hands instead of letting technology force them on a slippery road.

Article Credits: Vikas Pandey | Noida | India

Editor: LivePeppy

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