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“Finish Your Food” is not always the best!


As indicated by obesity specialists, the US obesity rate has dramatically increased for preschoolers and young people. Adolescents are at more serious hazard for medical issues, like diabetes, and coronary illness. All in all, how do guardians and parents should encourage kids, and the whole family, to eat some really healthy food, both at home and far from home?

Below are some tips for guardians and parents to enable their families to eat all the more invigoratingly:

  • Try not to use food as a reward, solace or discipline rather make your child understand that food is the greatest source of energy.
  • Children always do what they see! Replace butter and cheese with low-fat or without fat dressings, mayonnaise, and dairy items. Children will take your signs. Buy healthy replacements at a hypermarket near you or request for fat-free dressings at a restaurant near you. This will help your child understand and differentiate between healthy and unhealthy dressings.
  • Introduce new foods slowly and creatively. For eg, if your child doesn’t like Spinach, let him know much power does Popeye gets by eating Spinach.
  • When in a restaurant, ask your favorite meal’s nutritional information.
  • Try to avoid snacks as much as you can and eat no less than one meal together at regular intervals.
  • Do not cook something really healthy for your obese child, but cook something which is healthy for the entire family. Don’t make him/her realize that it’s a special food only cooked for the child.

  • Monitor how much you eat. Finish what’s there in your plate is never the best approach. This may lead to over-eating.
  • Eat gradually. It takes about 20 minutes for the cerebrum to enroll that the body is full.
  • Replace unhealthy and sugary beverages with water or skimmed milk.
  • Your child must have at least 4-5 varieties of fruits and vegetables a day, but it ain’t easy. Thus, try being creative and make them eat different shapes and colors.
  • When you go shopping, don’t park the vehicle just in front of the store. Make them walk as much as you can.
  • Replace escalators/elevators with stairs.
  • Try replacing TV, Mobiles, Video Games with some real outdoor games.
  • Replace mayonnaise and cheddar on burgers or sandwiches with mustard or grill sauce.
  • Avoid deep-fried eatables as much you can and use baked or boiled food items.
  • Ask that bread, refreshments and tortilla chips be presented with the main meal and not in advance.

Smart dieting and healthy eating do not occur overnight. Children always take cues from their parents and learn the behaviors with time.


Like most parents, you need your kids to be strong and healthy. You would always want them to have the best immune system. However, not everything your parents did to you is correct for your child too. The lifestyle you had as kids was way different from today’s generation. You spent most of your childhood in physical activities like cycling, running, playing football and much more. Earlier, having a diet full of sugar and butter was considered to be healthy because of the hard work you did. But now, in the era of technology, our children have lost their physical activities, and thus they would need to cut off the unhealthy food items as well.

Eat Healthily, Be Happy! 🙂

Article Credits: Janvee Garg | Founder | LivePeppy

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