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Pro Tips for your Startup Success

Are you in the early stages of starting up a business? Are you bothered about startup success or experiencing any internal fear and doubt about being successful? Following principles will surely help you release some stress! 1. Work on what you Love Ensure that you are working on an idea you are passionate about. This […]

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Why Doctors perform unnecessary Medical Tests?

Getting sick is almost like a normal thing for today’s’ generation. Weekly doctor appointments and getting yourself checked up is just like a normal routine and the physicians seem to enjoy this too. When a common man has an illness, he/she is not usually able to detect which disease or ailment he has. Doctors themselves can’t […]

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Benefits of having Gratitude in our lives!

Gratitude means being thankful for the countless blessings, pleasures, and gifts we’ve in our life. It is a way of being grateful for everything you receive in life and also accepting things as they’re. No one has a perfect, sorted life. Appreciating everything big or small you have or being aware of certain downfalls in […]

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Small Changes, Huge Impact!

“The soul, like the body, accepts by practice whatever habit one wishes it to contact” ~ Socrates Absolutely true! We’ve made ourselves so busy that we’ve forgotten to feed our soul, to treat it with great care. We’ve been messing with our body silently and indirectly. So many times, our life is caught up in a […]

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Is honesty really the best policy?

What is a policy? It is something that is established or written to define a process. So, is honesty really a policy? It is not. Honesty is actually a moral value. Honesty: A Value A policy can be changed with time or depending upon the need of the hour. In countries, there are many policies […]

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Everyday is an Interview at Work!

It is unlikely that with the end of a job interview, you will not be questioned again. Even in the workplace, you are under constant questioning and judgments from your bosses. So, if you are being told from the very start that interview isn’t over yet, don’t take it lightly. The reason why you are […]

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If Singers/Rappers were Indian food dishes!

Imagine going to the concert of your favorite singer and coming back home to find, mom made your favorite dish for dinner. Sounds perfect right? Whether it’s Shawn Mendes’ soulful voice that can treat you better than anything else or Taylor Swift’s catchy beats that you secretly love after all the denial, music always gets […]

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College Life: A Flowing River

Departing from the cherished memories spent in the enclosed building of the renowned school makes some of us nostalgic. But for most of us, it is like unlocking the cage of bound responsibilities and duties be in terms of uniforms, dreadful vacations due to the gigantic list of homework, fixed timings of school and what […]

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Pain: A Silver Lining!!

Pain; The very word makes us cringe, and we do everything in our power to avoid it. And why not? Pain brings with it the hurt, the breaking, and suffering. All the things we never wish for, in our lives. But the pain has a more different and deeper meaning to it. Something we tend […]

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Know what exactly is LivePeppy!

Welcome to LivePeppy!! In today’s fast and competitive world, we are burdened with multiple responsibilities. Our desires are endless and there is no point of contentment. Hence, in every phase of life, we all go beyond our limitations in the quest of being the best. Therefore in such a scenario, we don’t realize that we […]

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Live In Relationships: Yes or No..??

Live In Relationships is a term which most of the Indian parents have not even heard about. But is this so bad?… Maybe yes maybe no. I think it’s our younger generation who can explain them more clearly that it’s not at all about being physically close to your partner. It is far more beyond […]

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Hale and Hearty Minty Lifestyle!

If you are looking for a safe and a natural solution to cope up with your unbalanced lifestyle that is stigmatized by anxiety, depression, obesity and myriads of problems regarding your faltering health in terms of medicinal basis, a minty lifestyle is a thumbs up solution for you. When the medicinal treatment ceases to work […]

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Guide for an Entrepreneur to Lead a Healthy Life!

An entrepreneur should focus on health and change doesn’t come that easily rather they take moments. Their schedule includes stress and sleepless nights paired with innumerable dreams in eyes. All the hard work is essential for them, so as to stay one step ahead of everyone else and flourish their business to great heights. They […]

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The Hidden Dangers of Talcum Powder!

Right from your childhood, you must have seen talcum powder present in your house. It has to have a place on your dressing table or in your beauty kit. There’s rarely any person who must not have used or sprinkled talcum powder on them. When it comes to talcum powder, who could forget the famous […]

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A Boss in True Sense Should Be a Leader

A boss in true sense should be a leader who one looks up to for guidance and support, however, in today’s competitive corporate life, a boss is a person who can take your side come what may.  Based on today’s corporate life, let’s take an insight into the kinds of bosses that you may encounter. […]

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