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Hale and Hearty Minty Lifestyle!


If you are looking for a safe and a natural solution to cope up with your unbalanced lifestyle that is stigmatized by anxiety, depression, obesity and myriads of problems regarding your faltering health in terms of medicinal basis, a minty lifestyle is a thumbs up solution for you. When the medicinal treatment ceases to work for your health problems, the very next chapter the benevolent nature opens for you is how you can give an icing on the cake to your life with a generous amount of mint.

You at Present:

minty lifestyle

You are extremely irritable, can burst out of your bubble any moment and will let the surrounding audience see your wrath. A couple of mints blended in your tea or a freshly iced drink is going to be a miracle. This will not only sooth your overactive neurons but will also give a nod, the fact that your minty lifestyle is the best thing that has ever happened to you.

So let us explore the remarkable aspects of adopting minty lifestyle when you finally decide to combat your health and personal problems by adding a handful of mints in the recipe of your life:

A Perfect Solution for a  Good Breath:

Obviously, in a crowd, you don’t want to stand out among other by giving a bad breath. This is the major factor in making people go miles away from you no matter how articulate you are in expressing your views. The natural herb is a thumbs up flavoring agent in mouth fresheners, chewing gums and toothpaste. If you don’t want to fall into the sugar content dilemma when munching gums and fresheners even munching some mint leaves will relieve you from the heartache of a bad breath.

Enhancing Nutritional Value in Food:

minty lifestyle

A flavorsome addition to our daily food, mint, enriches our consumption by giving exceptional nutritional benefits that are an antithesis to the oily absurdities and its gnawing effects on our health. A cup of crisp, fresh and refreshing spearmint will:

  • augment the iron content in your body that is necessary for building a combative immune system and a raging supply of blood in your body
  • Do wonders with enriching your vitamin A reserves which will lead to cell growth and improved eyesight.

Only for Garnishing on Food?

You should remember that a “CUP OF MINT” will make significant changes in your malnutrition body; a garnishing amount would not do any good. What makes a viable minty lifestyle is that a generous amount of mint should be the core ingredient in any beverage or food or even munchies you consume. Mix and blend it in smoothies, lemonade & your everyday tea!

Health benefits:

minty lifestyle

  • A natural remedy to clear congestion and throats:

There is no need to consume heavy antibiotics to cure it when the natural solution is within your reach. Mint works as an antiseptic to cure sore throats by giving a soothing feel to the pinching redness. Its strong aroma is effective in clearing up mucus and phlegm formation in lungs chests and bronchioles thus giving you a relief from chronic coughing. Even the addition of mint in inhalers is far better than the steroids that give body dreadful side effects in later life.

  • Digestive issues fly out of the window:

This is for those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or acidity or heartburn after food consumption. A mint solution is way better than consuming antacids and medicinal digestive syrups.

  • Combats discomforting nausea followed by a headache:

The strong and refreshing aroma of mint is a perfect remedy to cope with discomfort caused by nausea. This further helps alleviate stomach problems as a result. A headache to its peak will come down to tolerable and soothing level. Just rub the head and nose are by minty balms or soothers.

  • A well-cared skin:

The secret behind tight, nutrition and cleansed skin is the minty juice. An antiseptic and a refreshing agent, it calms down the glaring pimples and any itching marks on your skin giving you a neat and clean look.

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In the nutshell, if mint is used as a natural remedy to solve personal, physical and health problems all together then you are definitely not on the road not taken. Keep in mind the fact that minty lifestyle is a big yes for you but too much of everything spoils the broth. So, have mint in good quantity but just do not go overboard with it.

That’s what we call a balanced minty lifestyle. 🙂

Article Credits: Javeriah Hameed | Karachi | Pakistan

Editor: LivePeppy  

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