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Know what exactly is LivePeppy!

Welcome to LivePeppy!! In today’s fast and competitive world, we are burdened with multiple responsibilities. Our desires are endless and there is no point of contentment. Hence, in every phase of life, we all go beyond our limitations in the quest of being the best. Therefore in such a scenario, we don’t realize that we […]

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Hale and Hearty Minty Lifestyle!

If you are looking for a safe and a natural solution to cope up with your unbalanced lifestyle that is stigmatized by anxiety, depression, obesity and myriads of problems regarding your faltering health in terms of medicinal basis, a minty lifestyle is a thumbs up solution for you. When the medicinal treatment ceases to work […]

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50% of us are Vitamin D deficient!

Role & Essence of Vitamin D: The framework of the body is formed by bones and bones are made up of calcium. Calcium is needed in cell functions and proper nerve and muscle function. Vitamin D helps to absorb calcium and phosphorus from food in the small intestine. Therefore vitamin D is a much-needed nutrient […]

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All about Milk – Lactose Intolerance!

Lactose intolerance is a common digestive problem which arises when a person’s body shows an inability to fully digest milk sugar or lactose. In this condition, a person may love dairy products a lot but his/her body shows unwillingness towards intake of dairy products. The condition may bring you discomfort or embarrassment, but isn’t harmful […]

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Food Allergy & Intolerance!

A food allergy occurs when your immune system starts to overreact to eating certain food items. Food allergies are more common among children in comparison to adults. But before going in deep let us first understand what an allergy is? What does it mean? Food Allergy Allergy is a state of your body when the […]

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Our Nutritional Needs!

A Balanced & a nutrtional diet is a must for a healthy body and for a healthy lifestyle. It is the nutritional composition of a diet which speaks whether it will suit you or not. While talking about a healthy lifestyle it is necessary to focus on it from the scratch. But here the major […]

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Achieve Great Health & Healthy Life Now!

Nowadays, maintaining a perfect health & a healthy life is quite a hefty task. We usually neglect our health which causes some major problems in our body. Then we regret is that only if I would’ve taken care of my health, none of this would’ve ever happened. So, before you contrite, work on it, work on your […]

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