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PCOS and Nutrition Therapy!

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, better known as PCOS, is a hormonal disorder that affects more than one in ten women today. It is the reason why many women suffer from missed periods and excessive hair growth in some parts of their body. They also stand a chance to suffer long-term issues such as diabetes and heart […]

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What happens when you stop going to the Gym?

In today’s life, doing gym is a new way of getting fit and being in shape. In this ‘more-is-better’ world, people are often overtraining themselves just to be in shape quicker, but overstraining should be considered as a taboo because it is quite a bit unhealthy for our body.  Overtraining can cause a mishap in […]

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Yoga & Meditation: Guaranteed key to Fitness!

Present Scenario In the present day, due to improvements in technology, physical workouts have taken a backseat. When traveling even a short distance for an errand, people tend to take out their bikes or cars. It has led to several problems and diseases such as obesity in the body. With time, we come to realize […]

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7 Daily Habits to keep you in shape!

Wise men have a famous saying – “Health is wealth” and even with advancement from old generations to newer ones the wise words are still popular among everyone. In today’s busy schedule, everyone finds it really difficult to maintain a balance between personal & professional life. This imbalance further leads to the entrance of stress […]

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All about Natural Home Remedies!

Natural and home remedies have been around for hundreds of thousands of years all over the world. People from different countries belonging from various cultures have been using home remedies to cure smallest of illness like cold, cough, etc. Of course, by being ‘natural’ their benefits are undeniable and effective. Why go to the doctor […]

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Cholesterol: Best Foods and Fruits!

Cholesterol is a fat-like chemical compound produced and regulated by the liver. Our body requires cholesterol as a building block for cell membranes and for hormones estrogen and testosterone. While cholesterol is good for our body, some of it can be equally bad. It depends on the quantity produced and accumulated in the bloodstream. It […]

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Thyroid: Best Foods and Fruits!

In Medical Language, Thyroid is explained as a Small Butterfly-shaped gland found at the base of the neck. It is located below the Adam’s apple wrapped around the windpipe. This gland makes Thyroid hormone which travels in our body in the blood. The Thyroid hormone controls the metabolism of our body of how fast calories […]

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Blood Pressure: Best Foods and Fruits!

Blood Pressure, a pressure exerted by the blood upon the walls of the blood vessels. A survey shows that Blood Pressure is characterized by short-term fluctuations and long-term fluctuations. A Normal Blood Pressure reading is 120/80 millimeters of mercury. However, if its reading is 140/90, it indicates high blood pressure. Lower than 120/80 it is […]

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Diabetes: Best Foods and Fruits!

Diabetes has come to be known as the silent killer. In India, diabetes is becoming a common health issue and is not restricted to a particular section of age group. The disease is no longer a result of genetic transmission but has rather become popular as a lifestyle disease. While there are endless medicines to […]

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Choosing the Right Bag for a Healthy Body!

Carrying a stylish bag is in trend, not only to put in the necessities but also to carry extra stuff. Some of the things we commonly carry are Laptops, books, journals, bottles, and much more. Is that really good for your health though? Sometimes, a heavy bag in your hand or on your back can […]

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50% of us are Vitamin D deficient!

Role & Essence of Vitamin D: The framework of the body is formed by bones and bones are made up of calcium. Calcium is needed in cell functions and proper nerve and muscle function. Vitamin D helps to absorb calcium and phosphorus from food in the small intestine. Therefore vitamin D is a much-needed nutrient […]

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Importance of Health Awareness sessions!

How effective are Health Awareness sessions in Schools, Colleges, Co-working places, and Corporate? Health awareness means teaching other people about various factors of staying healthy. Even today many people are unaware of the activities that they should be doing in order to keep themselves healthy. Nowadays, many NGOs and government institutions are involved in such […]

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Health Insurance: not an Option but a Compulsion.

Health is the most precious wealth. Who doesn’t want to stay healthy? You are never pleased when you are ill. You always want to stay healthy. But there are so many factors that can make you ill. A health insurance has become a compulsion due to expensive medical treatments. What is Health insurance? Whenever a […]

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Vegetarian vs Non-Vegetarian Diet!

Which one’s better, vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian Diet? Let’s find out!! A person’s diet is a combination of foods undertaken to get proper nutrition for the body. A good and balanced diet can lead a person to a good health whereas a non-balanced and inadequate diet can be detrimental to his health. Food options are mainly […]

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The Hidden Dangers of Talcum Powder!

Right from your childhood, you must have seen talcum powder present in your house. It has to have a place on your dressing table or in your beauty kit. There’s rarely any person who must not have used or sprinkled talcum powder on them. When it comes to talcum powder, who could forget the famous […]

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Burst your Stress Now!

Stress is a very depressing, fatigue and an agony feeling that one gets from within due to various reasons being a cause to it. When one is extremely stressed, this may lead to various diseases like diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, etc. It is true that everyone’s life has some stress however it is important to understand […]

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Our Nutritional Needs!

A Balanced & a nutrtional diet is a must for a healthy body and for a healthy lifestyle. It is the nutritional composition of a diet which speaks whether it will suit you or not. While talking about a healthy lifestyle it is necessary to focus on it from the scratch. But here the major […]

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Protein Intake for Different Age Groups

There is so much excitement surrounding protein! Bodybuilders are gulping down glasses of protein shakes and dieters are gorging on protein bars. It’s like the hottest thing for fitness freaks around the universe! Why? Well, it’s easy to understand. Protein forms an important component of every cell in the body. It helps in – Forming […]

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Cancer – Prevent the Risks!!

Cancer is spreading like an epidemic in today’s world! Even though studies and research are being carried out for last 30 years, we still couldn’t get hold of it. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death as per World Health Organisations statistics. According to the studies, the more a nation is developed, higher is […]

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Grands Parents Vs Us- How there is a vast generation gap!

The generations before our parents, or otherwise known as the Baby Boomers, have been known for blooming in number after the older generation was in sparse numbers due to the Liberation period. Nations were getting liberated from shackles of dependence and didn’t have as many scientific and medical advances as seen in the later generations […]

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Achieve Great Health & Healthy Life Now!

Nowadays, maintaining a perfect health & a healthy life is quite a hefty task. We usually neglect our health which causes some major problems in our body. Then we regret is that only if I would’ve taken care of my health, none of this would’ve ever happened. So, before you contrite, work on it, work on your […]

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