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Burst your Stress Now!


Stress is a very depressing, fatigue and an agony feeling that one gets from within due to various reasons being a cause to it. When one is extremely stressed, this may lead to various diseases like diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, etc. It is true that everyone’s life has some stress however it is important to understand and learn to manage the stress.

Broadly one can categorize the cause for stress in one’s life can be

(1) due to personal reasons

(2) stress due to professional reasons and

(3) sometimes due to both.

Stress can be handled to some extent with the help of one’s own efforts. In most of the cases, family & friends also play an important role to ensure a stress-free environment. One can also reach out to psychologists/counselors in case of professional help required.

Here are some basic ways by which one can manage their stress levels:

  1. Happy Home:

If it is only the work stress that is affecting one and one has a very happy connected family at home, that by itself helps one to de-stress a little and forget about the work stress caused at one’s workplace. Hence as a family if each one puts in efforts to create a stress-free environment at home, it surrounds each member at home in the positivity of being in a stress-free zone.

2. Outing Friends: 

Occasional picnics and parties with friends is also a stress buster. One tends to let oneself loose and talk about the best times shared in the past. This temporarily helps the mind not to think about the stress related issues which it was actively thinking about.

3. Workouts:

While it is rightly said that any form of working out or exercising is important what more can we say for the ones who enjoy any form of workout? The adrenaline rush caused by working out can also be a stress calmer, as one is so physically tired that one has no capacity to mentally stress on further. The workout could be any form of yoga, gymnasium, running, walking, trekking, cycling, swimming, aerobics, Zumba, etc.

4. Hobbies:

Engaging one’s mind in doing what one is really fond of helps one stress less and keep a balanced life. One can opt to engage oneself in any hobby of their choice could be as creative as clay work, carving, painting, dancing, singing, reading, cooking, gardening, etc. When one spends time doing exactly what they really love to do, it gives one a feeling of achievement and being proud of their displayed hobby.

5. Vacation / Timeouts:

Vacation time is friends and family time, one must take timely escapes to de-stress even if it means for just two days. For married couples with children and in-laws, spending time with just each other for as short as two days can really help. This not only will improve their stress-levels but also helps strengthen their bond with each other.

6. Me time:

As per a survey was done, there are a few people who enjoy their own company and like to treat themselves to a movie or visit a mall for shopping, etc. This helps them de-stress and think for themselves in ways how to deal with possible stressful situations.

7. Meditation:

Some people find it extremely de-stressing when they meditate. Meditation can be done by focusing your vision and chanting or closing your eyes and chanting or simply lying flat on the ground with one’s eyes closed and feeling the positive energy pass in your body with a control on your breathing (deep inhale and exhale), at the same time conditioning one’s mind not to think and feel relaxed.

8. Counseling:

Taking professional help, especially when one is going through a lot of mental knots and the personal life or professional life or both are getting affected to the extent that one is going through depression, it is advisable to seek professional help, there is no harm in doing so.

While these are only some ways to manage stress like a balanced diet is good for health if one learns how to manage their stress levels that also leads to health. Stress is not just a word, it is a feeling that mostly each one goes through on a daily basis. One must understand how to manage it, also as a family one should feel the comfort to vent at home about what is stressing one out at the same time family members should have a strong bond to ensure that they can keep the home environment stress free, one must also figure out what works the best for you to handle your stress, de-stressing is equally important to live a healthy and long life.

Be Happy, Be Peppy. LivePeppy! 🙂

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