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Why opt for Annual/Regular Preventive Health Check-Ups?


Good health is a boon. Who doesn’t want to lead an active and healthy lifestyle? As per the wisest saying of old times that health is the most precious wealth, we must take into consideration all the aspects which will promote our health. Leading a healthy and active lifestyle depends on how we look after the ups and downs of our health. We must be well aware of all the changes going through our body. From this, arises the concept of health tests. Only regular health tests can decide whether our way of living is helping in the betterment of our health or is detrimental. It becomes possible then only to categorize between what we should do and what we shouldn’t. A regular blood test is compulsory in order to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle.

Why Regular Health Check-Ups? 

Blood Test

It has been wisely said that prevention is better than cure. By regular health test, we can easily identify whether our health is on the right track or is in an alarming state for us and needs us to look into the matter.

Regular health tests help us in determining our health conditions. Any disease, when identified at an early stage, is easier to be cured than a disease identified in later stages. There are many chronic diseases which can be easily controlled or their growth can be prevented when the treatment is started in the early phase. The roots of the diseases are tender in the starting phase and can be eliminated easily whereas when we don’t get to know about the disease the root strengthens itself and in the end, it becomes really difficult to cure or sometimes even impossible.

Blood Test


It is a very simple concept as every problem when identified early can be easily tackled. We can take many examples of the most common chronic disease, Cancer. We all know about the various stages of cancer, about the treatment and its expenditure. Cancer, when identified in early stages, can be cured much easily than compared to later stages. The person can lose his/her life if it is not identified in the early stages. Cancer is just an example, there are so many diseases which when identified in the early stages are easy to be cured. Hence, from these examples, we can very well understand how important a role a regular health test plays in our lives and how it helps us in keeping ourselves healthy throughout our lives.

Types of Health Tests

Blood Test

There are many types of tests for checking and identifying the condition of your health. Blood and Urine test is the most common health tests that one carries out for identifying the health condition. Health checkups comprise many types of tests, few of them are –

  • Checking blood pressure and heart rate
  • Regular dental, eye, and ear tests
  • Cholesterol level checkups
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) and weight checks
  • Few Cancer checks
  • Regular checks for Diabetes

There are many full body check-ups available in the industry, through which one can monitor their blood pressure, kidney/heart health and more. Glucose level test can easily identify countless possible diseases. A urine test can alone determine many types of diseases. There are many institutions which conduct these tests at minimal costs for ensuring the betterment of the society.

Blood Test

Blood Test

Blood Tests can alone determine many health issues and help in diagnosing them. RBCs, WBCs, platelets as well as an amount of hemoglobin can be determined by regular blood tests. Another chronic disease which is determined by blood test is HIV/AIDS. Few more chronic diseases like Dengue Fever, Coronary heart disease, anemia, diabetes which do not sound chronic but act like slow poison, they harm you in the long term. A regular blood test will surely help you to stay away from these diseases harming you heavily. They do not affect your pocket heavily and their good perks are enormous. 

Awareness against frauds

Blood Test

Regular health check-ups help you in staying healthy as they let you know about your health condition. But do we need them so often? Here’s what we need to take care of, doctors and physicians often fool their patients just by recommending them unnecessary and costly checkups. So, don’t follow any doctor blindly and do consult other doctors also before going for any check-up. By this way, you can avoid such frauds and can save your money. Stay precautious but also stay smart.


So the gist to which we arrive is that regular health/blood checkups are compulsory if you want to lead an active and a healthy lifestyle. Many harmful diseases can be cured due to this. Do pay attention to your health as it’s the most precious thing in the world.

Stay healthy and Stay fit.

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Be Happy, Be Peppy. 🙂

Article Credits: Hafsa Zamindar | Mumbai | India

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