What happens when you stop going to the Gym?


In today’s life, doing gym is a new way of getting fit and being in shape. In this ‘more-is-better’ world, people are often overtraining themselves just to be in shape quicker, but overstraining should be considered as a taboo because it is quite a bit unhealthy for our body. 

Overtraining can cause a mishap in your menstrual cycle, aunt flow may not be your favorite visitor but her presence means that your body is in good shape overall. The more you exercise the more you’ll feel famished; no one needs to be a scientist to know the link between exercise and hunger. Most females usually think that slacking in the workout will cause them to gain weight but it doesn’t work like that if you train lighter your hunger usually decreases causing you to eat less. 

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This question is almost everywhere that “Will I get fat if I discontinue gym?”

It actually depends on your calorie intake, like an hour of working out reduces 300 calories. The saying that ‘abs are made in the kitchen’ is actually true if you modify your calorie intake accordingly.

  • Cut down on carbohydrates

In order to balance, you should lower your intake. Do not guzzle more than half amount of your body weight in pounds.

  • Switch onto complex carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates are like refined flour, potatoes, white bread, and white rice. They burn out quite rapidly providing energy for a short duration. Furthermore, simple carbohydrates are mostly stored as fats in the body. So, in order to avoid it, you can just switch onto complex carbohydrates sources.

  • Eat more protein

Some of the best sources are egg whites, chicken breast, black beans, fish, chickpeas, paneer etc. Protein is really helpful; the least amount you should supply to the body in gram is equal to your body weight in kilograms.

There are many other ways to not to gain weight after quitting. You can simply replace one activity with another that you can do at home with burns almost the same amount of calories. Most of the times it’s psychological though, like going to the gym keeps you busy and you don’t have time to idle around like this. While going to the gym you stay active, it gives you a nice blast of energy and it subconsciously makes you not to eat more, it suppresses your diet.

So, leaving the gym annihilates this consciousness leaving you open to cravings and boredom. Sometimes, it’s not in our hands and we are forced to leave the gym because of some unwanted situations. In these kinds of plight, it’s best if you find a way to stay active until you get back. 


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When you go to the exercise center, you fabricate muscle, feel hungry all the more regularly and would have a quicker digestion to consume off the additional calories. You would most likely be eating a protein-rich eating regimen since you are working out. Also, all that extra physical work makes you hungrier.

When you quit setting off to the exercise center, despite everything you have a quicker metabolic rate and more craving since your body is currently accustomed to it. Gradually you lose muscle and your metabolic rate diminishes.

Bottom line:

You burn fewer calories while at rest and you continue eating in a similar way. Regardless of whether you are eating protein, without adequate exercise and without all that harm to muscle from weight preparing, the protein is changed over to fat. What’s more, your body can’t consume as many calories as previously yet you keep on devouring more calories. You, in the end, put on weight!

Eat Healthily, Be Happy!

Be Happy, Be Peppy. 🙂

Article Credits: Hafsa Zamindar | Mumbai | India

Editor: LivePeppy

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