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How to Shape Up Mornings for a Better Health and Productivity?


It’s said that a good start often leads to a good end. Your start decides on which path you are leading yourself to. Morning is that time of the day which will shape the entire day for you. People usually ignore this phase of their routine. A good, morning routine is prime for your success. It helps you achieve more, increases your focus, and improves your health.

Here are the points that you should do when you get up for a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Rise early-

Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy and wise, a perfect saying.

You must aim to wake up early as to make your day most productive. Go to bed early and wake up early. Waking up early will keep your mind healthy and you will feel happy throughout the day.

  • Drink water-

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Always place a bottle of water beside your bed when you go to sleep. Starting your day with a glass of water can help you in many ways-

  • Flushing toxins– As you wake up; drink a glass of water before eating anything. It is a healthy way to flush out toxins and clean your internal system.
  • Weight loss– Starting your day with water can help you lose fat easily. Drinking water can help you stay away from the calorie-rich foods.
  • Clear skin– Drinking water in the morning will keep your skin glowing throughout the day. When you drink water in the morning it flushes out the toxins which eventually help to keep your skin glowing. It also maintains the body temperature.
  • Healthy breakfast-

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is what most people don’t pay attention to. A healthy breakfast can keep you energetic throughout the day by fulfilling your fitness goals at the same time. You should have breakfast by 7 am as recommended by dieticians. Breakfast should be heavy, healthy and should be taken in time.

Breakfast should be rich in complex carbohydrate with protein and adequate amount of fats and vitamins. Or in other words, your breakfast should be composed of all the essential macronutrients with a rich amount of complex carbohydrates. Breakfast should be followed up with a protein-rich diet which may be in the form of eggs. Healthy breakfast options can be an oatmeal, corn flakes, upma, poha (flattened rice) etc.

  • Exercise-

Exercising your body is a must to keep yourself healthy. When you start your day with exercise your body is rejuvenated throughout the day and you will feel active. A small run followed by a few basic exercises will do the needful. Exercise is not just about lifting weights, you can do calisthenics or yoga also. Exercising your body in the morning increases blood flow, releases endorphins.

  • Take shower-

A cold shower in the morning can boost your energy to the next level. What it does is, increases the overall blood circulation in the body. It kicks your body to a start. You will feel active throughout the day if you make it a habit of taking a cold shower in the morning.

Here are some don’ts which we should avoid to maintain our health and the productivity level-

  • Say no to alcohol at night-

You should avoid alcohol at night as it will lead give you a hangover and you won’t be able to get up early in the morning. Alcohol should be completely avoided not just in nights but forever as it harms your health drastically.

  • Say no to electronic gadgets-

You should completely avoid mobile phones, laptops, pc in the morning. Stay away from social media when you are starting your day. It will serve as the first distraction at the most important time of the day for you. Your mind is fully active in the morning; feed it with good stuff, not with social media feeds.

You should stay away from sugary food in the morning. Sugar will fill you up and you won’t be able to eat what is best for you in the morning. If you are a person who loves sugary food you can eat fruits in the morning.

  • Say no to negativity-

You should always start your day with positivity as it will frame your mindset in a good way. Stay away from the negative news and fill yourself with positivity.

  • Say no to any kind of rush-

You should not rush yourself at the start of your day as it is the most important time of the day and you should focus on taking the most of it by not doing any madness. You should not rush your routine in the morning and let yourself in-take all the positivity from the surroundings.

  • Say no to coffee in the morning-

Studies have shown that you should not drink coffee at the start of the day. Rather the right time to have a coffee is between 10 am to noon. Taking coffee in the morning will elevate your cortisol level.

  • Say no to burden your brain-

You should not make too many decisions at the start of the day rather you can do that in the night before sleep. Plan everything for the next day before you go to sleep as it will ease out the pressure from your brain once you get up the next day.


Morning is that time of the day where you make yourself ready to face the day. A good and a healthy morning routine will not only boost your health but enhances your entire productivity levels.

Being a parent, it should be your sole aim to guide your child to a healthy morning routine.

Be Happy, Be Peppy. 🙂

Article Credits: Hafsa Zamindar | Mumbai | India

Editor: LivePeppy

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