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7 Daily Habits to keep you in shape!


Wise men have a famous saying – “Health is wealth” and even with advancement from old generations to newer ones the wise words are still popular among everyone. In today’s busy schedule, everyone finds it really difficult to maintain a balance between personal & professional life. This imbalance further leads to the entrance of stress in one’s life. Stress further harms our bodies both physically & mentally in ugly ways.

Another famous saying ‘Nothing is impossible’ is the sole reason behind this article where we mention 7 daily habits which not only will assist in achieving physical fitness as well as shield you from mental stress.

  1. Start your day with Yoga & Meditation

To achieve peace at the end of the day, one needs to begin it in a correct manner. Yoga is a perfect solution to any physical stress we might be dealing with while meditation is the answer to mental stress we receive due to negative clouds surrounding our life. You can start with basic yoga videos easily available on Youtube.

2. Drink as much water as possible

Our body needs fluids to digest what we eat throughout the day. The more perfect is the digestion, the fewer health issues we face in our life. Water is the most abundant & easily available to us & we should make the most of this free opportunity we are receiving. At least 6-8 glasses of water would do the trick & one Peppy recommendation for maximum benefits would be to drink 1 glass of water in the morning empty stomach.

3. Follow a fixed sleep cycle

Sleep is the process which helps us recover energy we lost while performing a variety of tasks in the day. Adequate sleep of 6-7 hours is strongly recommended for any adult for the refreshing start of the next day. For best results, we need to stick to a dedicated sleep cycle i.e. a proper time to sleep & to wake up should be picked up according to our preference and we should give our 100% to not letting the cycle break at any cost.

4. Say hello to music

A medically proved tool to fight stress in our daily life is music. The rhythm of your favorite song is not only a way of entertainment but it also has a positive impact on our body. The brain starts to function more quickly & our energy level jumps up to the extreme level. Music can be used to cheer anyone who is feeling low due to failures or has given up on life. Music sometimes also motivate us to achieve goals we earlier thought were out of the reach.

5. Spend time with friends instead of smart-phones

With the advancement in technology, we all are now slaves of machines which have secretly killed our social life. Instead of going out & making memories with our loved ones, we are busy updating social media status we hardly even care about. Over-involvement with machines like computer & mobile is the primary reason for the gaps in our important relationships. Not only are the machines affecting our eyes & brain, but we are being caught in fatigue & depression. We need to be around our family & friends and share with them our good & bad times so that we can recover out from any hard phase in our life.

6. Say no to Junk Foods

The multinational chains producing junk foods like chips, pizza, burgers etc. have positioned themselves very firmly in the market, attracting mostly the youth towards them but not only is this attraction costly but can also prove very ugly for our body. The more junk we eat, the stronger is the invitation to health risks like heart attack, kidney stone etc. There can be no comparison between fresh vegetables & fruits to machine preserved unhealthy junk food, we really need to shift our preferences to self-cooked food. Anyone with no knowledge of cooking might employ a helper or can also take cooking classes which will cost less than what we spend on consuming junk food items.

7. Always end the day with 15 minutes’ walk

Finally, it’s time to end the day and what better way to spend the last few minutes on exploring the greenery of a nearby park. Not only do we intake a lot of oxygen from the plants but also shift our body gently into rest mode. You can take a friend as your companion for the walk which would make the experience more valuable. A little walk also helps us maintain the proper flow of blood & also helps us in improving the digestion process inside the body. At the end of the walk, a new level of peace is attained mentally which guide us to the best sleep for the night.

Don’t be a slave to the normal life, be the conqueror of the magic inside yourself.

Be Healthy, Be Happy!

Article Credits: Vikas Pandey | Noida | India

Editor: LivePeppy

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