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Are we turning blind to the warnings of Nature?


What we do, how we live, how we perceive things and how we react are some of the crucial questions, answers to which can be found in nature itself. What most of us refuse to believe, is the two-way communication channel that exists between Nature and Human beings.

Our actions in our daily life give signals to nature.

In turn, it sends us warning signs to communicate that we might be doing something wrong. Therefore, an action must be taken. But what do we do? We ignore the signs and as a result, a catastrophe occurs because Nature always ensures a balance in the world. But these warning signs are not only presented to us through the most recent set of disasters. These might even be the signs presented nearly thousands of years ago. No matter how old, Nature never misses out on signals but being humans, we often do not wish to listen in fear of uprooting lives. Since we are all afraid of any change, nature has started to step forth to change us.

So, what can be done?

It’s better to stop being blind and accept the changes that are needed in our lives. It’s better to initiate changes in us before Nature force those changes.

The first thing to accept is that Nature is superior.

Nothing can match the power that Nature has. No matter what medium of calamity Nature ignites, but it would not even take more than a few minutes to wreak havoc on us. Every calamity is a sign in itself about what can come to places that have been saved at present. This requires to be taken more seriously than any other factor in the equation. What other reactions might nature impede on us in near future? That should be the first question after the understanding of the recent situation is met.

Who is responsible?

Is nature responsible for everything? No, definitely not.

As we saw earlier, it is the reaction that Nature gives to the actions of Humans. After all, ‘Every action has an equal and opposite reaction’, as per Newton.

But what do all humans do to cause this?

Its quite the best question that needs answering. All humans have been unbalancing the nature through series of killings and poaching of nature’s elements. With a vast amount of greed, humans wish to rule the planet and make use of any and everything found within it. Humans are not far from overexploiting everything. In fact, there is at present not even much to exploit because of greedy intentions of the man going on from over centuries before. Its no wonder Nature unsheathes its anger through series of biological disasters to shake the humans literally and bring them out of their blindness into a grave realization of what they have been doing.

Are we opening up to the implications?

A common man is blind to all the efforts the scientists and environmentalists have been putting in deciphering these warnings and bringing it into the common notice. But human psychology evades them as a simple reasoning that some new technology, just might be a shield in the future. Bigger dams, cars, machinery, factories and so on are not only causing pollution but also harming the world.

How are humans able to do it?

By digging deeply and extracting what all resources remain from the Earth’s core and belly, humans are destroying what’s left of Nature’s sanctity.

Stop this! Rise up and open your eyes! Earth is your home and the only source of survival for you. Stop killing it because no matter how quaint it may seem, it holds the power of making the predictions of Apocalypse true. Every single calamity since the ages of dawn has been a sign. Realize it, grasp it and act upon it to stop the inevitable before it’s too late.

Article Credits: Mitalee Mithal | New Delhi | India

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