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Are we being fooled by our Education system?


Don’t blindly follow the trends in Education instead question the Dictatorship:

The moment we step into the real world, we are introduced to a strong word ‘Competition’. The instructions are clear, to clear your competition you just need one tool i.e. Education. But with the advancement of time, the competition has surrounded the tool of education itself. There are so many options available. Every school/college claims to be at the top spot and guarantee sky-hitting success in our future. We get carried away because we have a strong belief that once our child gets educated, he will do better in his life. But what we are really ignoring here is that we are putting that future in the hands of an institute. Institutes have the primary objective of making financial achievements.

Take a look at a few points which might swing your attention to the loopholes in our education system-

Sky-hitting fee rates of school/college:

One of the biggest challenges is to support our children financially during his school time. The major factor responsible for threat is the firing increase in the fee rates of the educational institution in the last few years. There is an almost 500% rise in the fee rates. We all want to win the race by placing our kids in the best educational institution. It’s high time we realize that we are not participating in a race for pride. It’s our child’s life which is at stake. We need to stand up against the dictator education system. We must raise issues about the un-necessary rise in fee for no reason at all.

Unreliable teachers being employed:

Teachers are the guiding lights in the life of students. They are the pillars of the foundation of any educational institution. But what if the pillar starts to shake & we as parents have no knowledge of it, can any situation be worse considering the future of our children is online? Heavy-heartedly this is the true scenario these days! Institutes are appointing under-qualified as well as unreliable teachers. They don’t create a hole in the financial budget of the institutes. We keep chasing the over-promoted names of the institute which cover the television screens with advertisements and don’t even take efforts to inquire about the teachers who would be guiding our children to their future. We can’t afford to turn blind eyed to such irresponsible behavior of the education institute instead we should always track the activities of our kids & keep enquiring them about what teachers are educating them. This will also help in building a strong relationship with the kid.

Irrelevant & useless rules being made by institutes:

Discipline is a powerful tool to make sure the students are on the correct path. But what if the rules are the cause for mental stress a student is going through? Yes, the times have changed. From being discipline checker to strict boundaries, rules set by education institutes hardly have any relevance to study issues. The institutes set rules like fancy uniforms, costly shoes for sports, over-priced books on their stalls. The parents who are financially stable doesn’t focus much on such rules. There are parents spending almost 90% of their income to educate their kids and feels stressful due the same. How does dressing our kids in fashioned clothes improve the standard of their education? Or how do wearing sports shoes assist a student in gaining good marks in studies? We need to take steps to stop the schools/colleges to formulate such unnecessary rules & focus more on education quality being delivered by them.

Homework system is a total failure:

Another highlight of our education system has been the process of homework. Recent trend shows that homework has proved to be nothing more than a burden. A student carries it during entire education unwillingly to escape the negative consequences set by the teacher. A student just wants to get rid of the homework instead of learning anything new from it. This not only eats up his valuable time without earning him anything but also push his interest away from the studies making him lethargic & bored of repeating the same work daily. Hence, innovative homework is a must. The aim must be to push a student toward his passion instead of surrounding him with the burden of useless homework.

Bottom Line:

We care a lot about our children and try our best to ensure only good experiences cross them in entire life. But we can’t share our responsibilities with any other individual. Teacher or mentor are complete strangers to our child. Only we as a parent understand what our child is capable of & what he really desires of. So to make sure he is heading in the best direction we need to be with him on every step of life & make sure that we don’t blindly follow the trends in education system instead we should question the dictatorship & bend them in the best shape for our children.

Article Credits: Vikas Pandey | Noida | India

Editor: LivePeppy

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