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Are we eating Junk or Junk is eating us?


Junk Food & Characteristics 

Junk food is a term which has become quite common in the modern day. Yet, it has a different meaning for each one of us. Let’s take an example of Burgers. They are junk food for some people while some consider it as a primary intake. Given the era we survive in, the best measure to categorize junk food is to check the calorie content of the food we consume. If the food is high in calories with nearly nil nutritional value, it is a junk food. Hence, burger, pizza, french fries, aerated drinks, cakes, cookies, pies, chips, cracker, and other deep-fried products are all junk food.

Another characteristic of junk food is that no matter what and how much junk food you consume at a time, it makes you feel hungry again after some time. Once you consume some sugary drinks, you feel a rush and it takes you high on the scale of happiness. But gradually the effects fade away making you crash land back on low point. 

Yet another feature of junk food is that it has been quick to occupy our food platter in the name of ‘fast food’. It is funny how we have correlated so well with the term that it is commonly considered as a quick snack and easy to achieve food. When you are hungry in between meals, you do not look for fruits or salad to eat, instead, you look for potato chips and soda to quench that little amount of desire for food. This tells us a lot about how our food preferences have shifted over time. 

Why are we running after junk food? 

A few likely reasons why junk food is highly popular among the young crowd:

  • Quite Cheap

Well, young generation likes to go out and enjoy and for them, an outing is incomplete without some food. Hence, a common category of food that any such group would look forward to is junk. It is pretty reasonable in price like buying your own groceries. With a lot of attractive discount offers, kids and youngsters are quick to check it out.

  • Pretty Convenient

Apart from having a fast food outlet in every corner of the streets, there is no lack of small counters and cafeterias selling these foods inside large buildings, be it a corporate building or a school. Of course, people will prefer it in case they need to get a quick bite. Let’s not forget the drive-way that does not require you to even get down from the car, especially if you are in a hurry.

  • Either sweet, salty or fatty (maybe all 3)

Different people have different preferences in taste. Junk food contains fats which give it a nice smoothness while you eat. Fried foods are all crunchy which is highly preferred. The combination of sauces, spices, smoothness, and crunchiness gives a nice feel to the entire package.

  • A habit in the making

When you can easily find junk food at economic rates, along with your love for its taste and texture, eating it becomes a habit. Whenever you want a snack or a meal, you would look for junk food. Or else, maybe if you are tired and don’t want to cook, just order takeout food. This habit causes a lot of issues in the long run.

Is Junk consuming us?

According to various researches, some people say that they are trying to make the right choices through what they consume. Yet, 51% of people prefer taste over health. No doubt now as to why lifestyle disorders such as obesity are becoming omnipresent. In fact, around 77% of people acknowledged that they prefer ready to eat food instead of something they have to prepare. It’s exactly this 77 % of people who go for potato chips instead of bananas when both are in front of them.

Even with an ever-increasing presence of advertisements and news articles that talk about the ill effects of junk food, people are not realizing the issues it can cause in the long run. Students in school are taught about nutrition and health. Outside of school, their minds follow examples of what they see, hear and experience. They completely forget the teachings about having a proper nutritional diet. 

Junk Food has taken over the minds of everyone. From kids to youngsters to adults. Its negative nutrients and properties affect the mind and body of every individual.  Yet, there is no awareness of the same. 

How to kick away Junk Food?

Check the following strategies:

  • Be Buy Smart

One of the best ways to get out of the habit of consuming Junk Food is to avoid buying all packaged or processed foods. It’s simple really if you don’t own it, you will not eat it.

  • Variety is the Spice

Well instead of looking for variety in the form of fast food, look for ways to make healthy foods even tastier. Dip your raw fruits in yogurt to get a nice sensation of taste. Mix and match a variety of home-made sauces, vegetable, and spices. Get the best with your own hand and a lot healthier too.

  • Stress Buster

It has been studied upon that when people are stressed, they get cravings for fatty foods that lead to people consuming junk food. Instead of dealing stress with eating, start meditating. Concentrate on breathing techniques. Overcome the stress and you will overcome the junk food craving.

Eating well is a habit that you can inculcate over time if you really try! Junk food may give you the taste but that is just a short-term happiness. Imagine how well a life you can lead if you eat nutritious food and avoid the junk. 

Article Credits: Mitalee Mithal | New Delhi | India

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