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Healthy Foods and their Junk Alternatives!


Yes, my friend, you read that right. Till date, it was the other way round! But from today onwards, it’s gonna be healthier foods and their junk alternatives.

Enough with the advantages of the greens, time to replace it with some cookies and cream!

This article is about the prayers of all foodies, answered in disguise. And by the time you’re done reading it, you’ll have a growl louder than lions in your tummy. Make sure you send this to your mom right away so that she can’t bribe you for eating greens in dinner.

  • Bottle gourd to Pizza

Fact 1: Apart from the bad taste, bottle gourd has dietary fibers which even though are beneficial, can still cause problems like intestinal gas, intestinal blockage, and abdominal pain.     

Fact 2: The tomato sauce in pizza contains antioxidant properties which reduce the chances of various types of cancer. There’s a lot more than the heavenly taste eh!

  • Aubergines (eggplant) to Hamburger

Fact 1: The unsettling consistency isn’t the only problem. Aubergines may cause allergic reactions like swelling of throat, itchiness, and rashes.

Fact 2: Hamburgers are known for being protein-rich and thus can provide structure to cells and can act as a backup source of energy in the absence of carbs and fat.

  • Pumpkin to Burritos

Fact 1: Even though the pumpkin lattes taste bomb, it isn’t all that good for your health contrary to popular belief. It can cause hypoglycemia; there’s a drop in blood sugar level and a rise in symptoms like blurry vision, rapid heartbeat, headaches etc.

Fact 2: Burritos are made from a bunch of healthy ingredients like avocados, chilies, beans etc which add a more nutritional value and of course taste in comparison to the other not so healthy junk food items.

  • Bitter gourd to Pasta

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Fact 1: There’s not a single child who doesn’t hate bitter gourd, so this fact might make you happy. Bitter gourd is allergic to many of the children. This may cause problems like diarrhea and vomiting (and not just because of the taste).

Fact 2: Not like we need a reason to eat pasta but again it’s more than just a pretty face. It helps to regulate blood sugar level due to a low glycemic index which can help prevent diabetes and obesity.

  • Khichdi (Mash or Stew) to French fries

Fact 1: It’s rather hard to find any bad effects of khichdi since it’s like a godsend but still one shouldn’t forget that after all it’s made from rice, which has a lot of carbs responsible for high sugar levels and obesity. That’s all we have against khichdi.

Fact 2: Similarly, it’s hard to find advantages of eating fried food and that too potato, but don’t be disheartened fries aren’t all that bad after all potato is known to reduce inflammation and constipation.

  • Indian Squash/ Round Melon to Tacos

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Fact 1: It’s isn’t just displeasing to the eyes, round melon can lower blood pressure levels and can also lower semen production in men.

Fact 2: The ingredients of tacos are rich in vitamin B, which helps maintain a healthy metabolism. What are you waiting for? Taco Bell won’t be open forever.

  • Pointed Gourd (Parwal) to Bacon strips

Fact 1: This is another disaster that not a lot of children are fond of, and luckily research has shown that too much consumption of pointed gourd can cause allergies especially in children below 15. So now you have a genuine excuse.

Fact 2: Another reason for you to love and keep eating bacon is that it has a high amount of zinc and selenium which strengthens your immune system. So basically, bacon sustains your life and here we were thinking otherwise.

  • Peas to Pancakes

Fact 1: Pea is one of the most widely and a regularly eaten veggie, and also widely picked out of food by children and adults alike. But apparently, some fellow pea hating researchers have found out that excess eating of peas can lead to loss of calcium in your body.

Fact 2: Pretty pancakes are the lifesaver in this case, as another study has found pancakes as bone-building food.  Yes, they provide calcium! So don’t think twice before having those two pancakes along with the bacon strips on the side. 

Be Happy, Be Peppy!

Article Credits: Sugandha Singh | New Delhi | India

Editor: LivePeppy

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