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Live In Relationships: Yes or No..??


Live In Relationships is a term which most of the Indian parents have not even heard about. But is this so bad?… Maybe yes maybe no.

I think it’s our younger generation who can explain them more clearly that it’s not at all about being physically close to your partner. It is far more beyond that. When you live with a person, you get to know him/her on another level especially about those habits which we ourselves don’t know, just being noticed by the partner. Now, one will say, “Get married” and then get to know each other. But that’s not the solution. At least, not the permanent one. What is the guarantee that getting them married will make them embrace the other person fully and completely? M not saying that live-in’s guarantee that. No, not necessarily. But still, it gives an idea to the people what it looks like to stay with that person for the rest of your life. Looks promising! No?

Fear for the Daughters

Considering the fear parents generally have for their daughters especially that she will be turned out to be the “black sheep” of the family, one may think that live-in’s are wrong. But have any of the parents considered that if their daughter has to do something like the things going in their minds, she can do that even without having to live with her boyfriend 24×7. Because come on, do you think to have a physical relationship before marriage is a big issue these days? Again maybe yes maybe no.

Maybe talking about it openly is an issue but otherwise, I think our generation could understand this aspect of the life very well. Again, not all of them but many.

Looking at the other side

I think every coin has 2 sides.

It’s the matter of perceptions. And if your daughter is older enough to get married to a stranger as in arranged marriage then, she should be considered older enough to take the right decision about her life. And even if, the decision does not turn out to be right, as parents what is the right thing to do?

You need to support her, give her courage rather than disowning her for the mistake she didn’t do. Remember that things can fall apart at any point of life but it’s up to you to learn to make it or break it.

Pre-notions Related to Men

Do people think that it’s easy for men? The answer is “No”. In fact, it is two times more difficult for them because they have the responsibility of their own parents as well as making the parents of their partners agree too. Proving themselves to the girl’s parents that they the suitable one is not an easy task.

What ought to be Wrong

I don’t think “hiding” such a crucial part of your life that you are living with someone from your parents have ever given fruitful results. Maybe the couple has their own apprehensions of keeping it a secret but that’s never a solution. They need to understand their parents if they want the same thing from them.

Changing the Thinking

Have the parents considered that living together before marriage has its own advantages? Maybe the couple wants to give time to themselves. Maybe they want to make sure that they can spend the rest of their life together instead of regretting it later. This will only lead to fights and issues after marriage which ultimately turn into a divorce.

We make the Society not the other way around

Today, maybe the parents fear about the society that what people think, what they will say etc.

But ultimately, it’s their responsibility to keep their children happiness a topmost priority.

I am not saying that allow your child to just go and have a live-in but at least they could come on a mutual agreement. Meet the boy your daughter is madly in love with. Get to know him. See if he is a nice guy up to you. Take a chance and even if the results are not favorable, that’s ok, not the end of the world. Because trust me, society will always have something to say.

Do think about it 😉

Article Credits: Archie Jain | Ghaziabad | India

Editor: LivePeppy

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