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Love alone cannot guarantee a Successful Marriage!



It is defined around the idea of ‘love’, an ingredient considered to be elementary to prepare the perfect recipe of life. Some of the most remembered romantic stories of our time revolve around the feeling of love. They used to be about lovers, them falling in love and how their story met a fruitful or vain end. There is no question about why we have grown up believing in love as the epitome of true feelings between two people. Also, why it is, perhaps, one of the most hyped emotions in the human world.

It is a popular belief among people that love makes the perfect foundation for a lasting marriage. Love is seen as an idea that crops up between two people who are willing to marry. It sets on a course to bloom, in time and supposedly, make their life perfect. Love is a reason to get married to someone who managed to strike those special cords in their heart. The question is, do you end up marrying someone, solely because you love them? Innumerable stories are witness to a conclusion that swings from yay to nay in this regard but what should you do?

Believing in love at first sight


Recently, I came across an article about love. It explored how it takes the human brain, less than a second’s worth of time, to ‘fall’ in love with someone. Perhaps, the saying about ‘Love at first sight’, caught its flame from this discovery itself. It is worthy to stop for a moment and consider why we find it so easy to feel love for someone!

Another way in which our brain tricks us into staying in love is by denying anything negative about the other person. This is why initially people in love find it so easy to let go of their partner’s wrongdoings and get over a fight.

If our brains are so determined to make us fall and stay in love, why do people admit to ‘falling out of love’ at all? Whatever you choose to believe, it is true for a certainty that with time, every person comes to realize the good and bad in their partner. They can see clearly what they completely missed out in the first year. Slowly, this realization sinks in and lets them see the reality of their relationship and this is where the struggle starts.

Love is an emotion


Like happiness, sadness, jealousy, and curiosity, love is another emotion. Ask yourself, if you wake up happy, does the rest of your day pass away in happiness? Does this happen without another emotion taking over your mood at all? Surely, the answer to this question is a NO. In an analogous manner, love does not last all day long, let alone all your life. Just imagine the feeling when love evades your marriage, even for a few hours. Will you be asking yourself this question, as to why you married your partner in that instance? Let us not argue about the probability of this happening. Are you then going to question your decision to be with your partner? Do you honestly feel that it will give you any joy, even to be in that state of mind?

Here’s why your decision to marry your partner should not solely rest upon love!

There are as many reasons that might think about, why love is not the first reason to marry someone. We are giving you just three, which are enough to put your thoughts on the right track. Hopefully, it will save you from making the wrong decision:


  • Love is simply interchangeable:

If you think that your partner’s feelings for you are permanent and unchangeable, you might be in for a surprise. If you fell in love, you can fall out of it too. Then what?

  • Love does not make a strong foundation:

By its very nature, love simply cannot make a strong foundation! Love can evaporate over a simple disagreement or a fight. What will hold your marriage then, if it does?

  • Love is not all you need:

More than this emotion, what you really need with your partner is a sense of understanding, and a willingness to share everything. Love is simply the cherry on top of the cake.

When a matter of love is involved, making a decision is never easy. Never be afraid to go down a road, as long as your heart says. At the same time, never be scared to move away from something that does not wing your desires. In the end, it is all about how you feel about love and how you decide what is good for you.

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Article Credits: Mitalee Mithal | New Delhi | India

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