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Live In Relationships: Yes or No..??

Live In Relationships is a term which most of the Indian parents have not even heard about. But is this so bad?… Maybe yes maybe no. I think it’s our younger generation who can explain them more clearly that it’s not at all about being physically close to your partner. It is far more beyond […]

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Stress for Bride & Family Related to Dowry!

Stress for Bride & Family Related to Dowry! In today’s times, one calls oneself from an open-minded & educated family. Yet, when it comes to marriage, in most of the families’ dowry exists! People now do not demand dowry. However, terms like “we want only your daughter, you can give your daughter whatever you wish […]

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Separated Family: Parents & Married Children!

Separated Family: Parents & Married Children! In today’s time, relationships have become an act of selfish behavior; mostly members of a family are only looking at a give and take relationship, rather – more of what they can take from this relationship than actually give or being thankful for what they have received for all […]

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