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Benefits of having Gratitude in our lives!


Gratitude means being thankful for the countless blessings, pleasures, and gifts we’ve in our life. It is a way of being grateful for everything you receive in life and also accepting things as they’re. No one has a perfect, sorted life. Appreciating everything big or small you have or being aware of certain downfalls in one’s life is gratitude. We always tend to concentrate on the negative things in life rather than appreciating the things in our lives.

The power of gratitude is abundant. It has proven physical and emotional benefits. Adapting such a simple and positive action of being thankful can bring a drastic change in our life. One tends to feel more optimistic and satisfied by being grateful on a regular basis. By the practice of being grateful, one can improve the overall quality in life.

Let’s look at some of the impact as well as benefits of gratitude in our lives:

  • It makes us happier 

Studies have proven that showing gratitude increases happiness level by 25 percent. Even doing a five-minute journal activity can increase your long-term well-being by more than 10 percent.

  • It allows us to celebrate 

Being grateful towards life is like celebrating the life you have. It allows us to celebrate every moment in life irrespective of them being huge or small. Whether it is a new car, new house, new phone or just a new pen, a new novel and a new dress. When we learn to be grateful at every big or small thing in life, it allows us to turn those things into celebration. This way, we appreciate the value of things, we do not take them for granted and we extract more benefits from it.

  • We start being stress resistant 

In today’s fast moving lifestyle, almost each one of us is suffering from stress. And as proven, stress is the major cause of so many health issues. Being grateful towards life is like a protective cover against stress and anxiety. Gratitude makes people develop a perspective to view negative things and interpret them in their own way. Also, if people have the habit of being grateful, they’re more likely to recover quickly from any suffering or traumatic experience in life.

  • It improves physical health 

A 2012 study published in Personality and Individual Differences reported that grateful people showed fewer pains and aches and feel healthy than other people. Being grateful also includes appreciating and valuing your health. People, who do this also puts in time and effort to take care of themselves, do exercise and go for regular health check-ups. Thus, improving the quality and span of their life.

  • It improves psychological health 

Gratitude blocks toxic and negative emotions like envy, resentment, regret, frustration that affects our happiness. Studies have also proved that showing gratitude can reduce depression. Another thing that makes sense is, grateful people can’t resent someone for having something that they don’t have. Being grateful teaches humility and discourages feelings of envy and resentment.

  • It improves self-esteem 

Studies found that gratitude increased an athlete’s self-esteem and reduced social comparisons in people. One of the major factors of poor self-esteem is holding the feelings of resentment towards people who more money or better jobs. Being grateful lets you appreciate other’s accomplishments and not resent them. Gratitude also engulfs a sense of self-worth in people. Recognizing other’s contributions in your life, valuing them and knowing how much they value you – one can change his/ her perspective towards self.

  • It improves sleep 

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Gratitude can work as a free sleep aid. It can increase the sleep quality, reduces the time required to fall asleep and increases sleep duration. The reason behind this is our minds are always clouded with worries about family, job or bills. This leads to stress and anxiety cutting down our sleep short, keeping us awake and reducing sleep quality.

Surely, all these things aren’t avoidable. But if we count on a few things that made us happy during the day, it will help our mind and body to relax. Thus, inducing a better sleep pattern.

There are many more benefits which we receive by being grateful in life –

  • Gratitude leads to being more emphatic and less aggressive towards people. Grateful people show more kindness, empathy, and sensitivity to people even when given negative feedback. They have decreased desires to seek revenge or show negative reactions.
  • Since adapting gratitude makes us grateful towards people, it also makes people like us. It makes us nicer, trustworthy, more social and appreciative. As a result, we develop better friendships and improve relationships.
  • Gratitude reduces materialism in humans. Since, materialism makes people feel less competent, reduces feelings of gratitude, the ability to appreciate, generate negative emotions and makes one self-centered. Developing a habit of gratefulness will help in valuing things.
  • Studies claim that gratitude can help you live longer. Since gratitude is solely linked with positive emotions; a sense of positive psychology will help us live longer by an extra few months or years on this planet.

There are so many benefits you can enjoy just by a simple practice. Start applying this simple habit and change your life. Let’s use this ability and opportunity to change our lives rather than complaining all the times.

Be Happy, Be Peppy. 🙂

Article Credits: Hafsa Zamindar | Mumbai | India

Editor: LivePeppy

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