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College Life: A Flowing River


Departing from the cherished memories spent in the enclosed building of the renowned school makes some of us nostalgic. But for most of us, it is like unlocking the cage of bound responsibilities and duties be in terms of uniforms, dreadful vacations due to the gigantic list of homework, fixed timings of school and what not. Definitely, the doors of college make you free from these boundaries and limitations and give wings to fly high in the sky. So it’s no surprise that each and every student ardently waits for their entrapment free life of the college.

Layers of Cocoon:

It is no doubt true that this new journey now opens the layers of the cocoon. Layers, in which a child was sheltered with tender love and care given by their loving parents and their second family at school. Hence the missing layer of sheltering requires the student not only be independent but also being caretaker of themselves. So to squeeze the meaning in simple words is that nothing is readily served in the platter.

College Life: A Flowing River

Be it the studies where the professor won’t provide you with the notes which you can cram and pass with flying colors. Nor the basic essential needs like preparing food or washing clothes is done by someone with being low on cash. As a result of such brutal realities faced by the outdoor students especially makes their false notions shattered. Their notions of college being space free from wrangling of parents and always making us have fun is soon dilapidated. So the fading glorification soon takes them to a lane of reality. They realize that it’s true that “grass looks greener on the other side”. Thus college life can be described by a metaphor of a flowing river. Just as the strong current is hit by those large pieces of rocks and small stones. Our life at college flows but it carries some challenges which become a barrier to our smooth flow. So it is mandatory to be courageous and tread those barriers for continuing the smooth flow.

1. Dorm and its Survival


For outsiders, the survival at the dorm isn’t that simple. Moving from your luxurious room to a shared dorm with 4 roommates isn’t easy at all.  Other roommates have different personalities, different nature and different cultures. Such differences aren’t easy to adapt at times.


  • Learn to adapt. Never set preconceived notions about any culture.
  • Always be empathetic, understand your roommate issues and try your best to help him.
  • Before speaking/pointing at anyone, always evaluate its emotional effect. Such small steps can create a happy environment in the dorm.

2. Think Critically

God has designed each one of us differently so we must appreciate such unique creation. We all have different capabilities and our ability to comprehend varies. Like some grasp at a rapid rate and some take their time to get a hold of the things. Especially entering into the college makes us feel distanced as teachers no longer provide notes. So it’s essential to decondition your mind. If concepts aren’t clear, don’t worry. Just give time to memorize it. Try to reach the core of it and delve into the deep knowledge of that topic.


  • It’s no more cramming but challenging your mind for understanding the concepts. So always remember –
  • To make an effort by looking at different books so visit the library and make searching your habit.
  • Never be shy to clarify doubts as teachers are there to assist you.
  • Follow a timetable in which you prioritize your studying time. If you feel stressed, try to avert that situation by taking little gaps and refreshing yourself to get faster and productive results.

Follow the three-way mantra that is Repeat, Rewrite and Revise.

3. The Quest for Buying/Selling Reading Material

Quest of second-hand books, cheap furniture, electronic gadgets and other necessities of college is a task.
Students who are new, burn a hole in their pockets. Each semester brings new demands. Hence Intelligently and Smartly, look out for the solutions.


  • Search who sells or buy used products. But this also is challenging as transportation cost is heavy especially if seller lives miles away. So to avoid this unnecessary cost find some online sites to buy and sell used products.
  • Students can sell any used product by simply posting an Ad. If you wish to buy something you can choose your product of need from a variety of products.

4. Cash crunch

We all are bereft of money due to expensive books. Expensive accommodation, Partying with friends and what not. They are endless and as a result, facing financial problems is very popular.


  • Explore your own self. Expand your interests into some kind of paid work. Take up freelancing jobs in that interest area. It could be different like photography, content writing etc.
  • Earning while learning is the best remedy for being bereft of money. Also, you learn to socialize
  • Try your hand to back the need for cash during studies like scholarship or loan
  • Make a budget which would enable you to plan and then spend
  • Find second-hand resources and even sharing some can help

5. Stress & Exams

The most common reason behind stress for each student is the dreadful exams. No matter even the preparation is done properly that fear is persistent always. But remember, the tension of exams carries many side effects with itself.
It can create such deep fear that you feel frozen and incapable of learning. This may make you feel frustrated.


  • Plan and study. This is the best key. This won’t scatter your mind to various topics and make you avoid any confusion.
  • Don’t be completely stress-free as little stress gives you the zeal for doing hard work and keeps you motivated.
  • Time management is crucial. So always collect important material like books, stationary at the study table this will let you squeeze the maximum benefit.
  • To much study makes Jack a dull boy so take short breaks to enhance productivity.
  • Pamper yourself with soothing music or whatever is a delight for your heart to remain positive.

6. Unhealthy Food and Health Problems

One of the most annoying factors is low-quality food provided to hostelers and also at the canteen. Unfortunately, the fees are higher yet the standards aren’t met at universities or colleges. Most of the hostelers are dependent on only junk food like Maggie and cookies which makes them devoid of a balanced diet. As a result, they fall sick which affects their performance in academics.


  • The patents must inspect regularly.
  •  The facility of an open kitchen should be there so that students can themselves cook healthy food.

7. Stress & Family

Being parted away from family or adjusting to the new life of college isn’t that simple. Many children are in stress and this leads to anxiety. Sometimes, there are mood swings due to hormonal changes which results in poor concentration .


  • Distract yourself
  • Meditation is the key
  • Yoga also soothes the mind and helps with relaxation.

8. Juggling to find the best course

In today’s world, each and every profession is successful because it is just the level of interest which matters the most. If its your interest you can delicately work for it. But due to parental or peer pressure, we sometimes choose out of interest which results in stress. So never take something in pressure and be sure of what you like.


  • Think and evaluate your areas of interest
  • After evaluating choose the best course and research the best options
  • Talk to experts and consult with seniors and friends to find the worth of the subject you are choosing
  • After the selection, start delving deep into the course. Do with sincerity and dedication
  • Also look for the growth in the career chosen before opting for higher studies in that course.

9. Social life

Relationships are tender and cumbersome. A mind of the student is fresh and is still learning so it is not constant. Thus maintaining those new relations at the new place is a task. But relations are mandatory because someone must be there with whom you can spend moments of joy and sadness who can be your companion. Especially for those who are living in a hostel or own accommodation as they are away from family.


  • Interactions with many people will give a deeper understanding and insight
  • Don’t let yourself have close relationships in starting as you don’t know the person properly so always be calm
  • Never let yourself be dependent and don’t be emotionally attached at the beginning
  • Don’t limit your social circle. No doubt being with the like-minded people gives you happiness but also restricts you from having a wider knowledge of others views.

Final words:

Never let the fear enter into you, fight with this demon & welcome happiness! 🙂

Have a Great, Happy & Peppy College Life!

Article Credits: Unnati Khanna | New Delhi | India

Editor: LivePeppy

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  1. Yes, you are right. I have been through the same when I was in college. You made me go back once again in college life.

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  3. I have not checked in here for a while because I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are good quality so I guess I will add you back to my everyday bloglist. You deserve it my friend 🙂

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