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How to Swaddle a Baby?


How cozy do you feel when you see a baby swaddled in a lump of blankets? Surely, the sight is a spectacle to behold as it gives you an intense joy and warmth to look at a baby that way. However, did you know that wrapping a baby in a swaddle is no easy task for a momma? For most new moms, swaddling the baby correctly is something like a wonder that only nurses can do. Sometimes, it is funny to watch how a mother tries to swaddle her baby, only to see the baby break free in two minutes.

So, what is swaddling all about and how can you, as a parent, master it?

Let us get to know.

What is swaddling?

Swaddling is a technique that involves wrapping a baby in a swaddle. The main purpose of doing so is to make the baby feel safe and calm. It also helps in preparing the baby for his sleep. For this purpose, many parents buy special swaddling clothes for their baby. If you don’t have one, you could also make use of a blanket. Don’t worry about how many times you would have to do this. Swaddling is meant only for the first few months after birth.

As science may have it, babies have a typical Moro reflex, which can wake them out of a sleep. Swaddling helps in keeping the baby’s arms bound so that this can be avoided. It is a way to replicate the warm and enclosed feeling of a mother’s womb, reminding the baby of his hitherto environment. Thus, swaddling is the most soothing way to help a baby enter a new environment which is altogether new for him. Another reason why swaddling is recommended for a newborn is to keep him from scratching his own tiny face. Constantly keeping away the razor-sharp fingers of a baby can be a tedious task, which swaddling helps in easily. Having understood how swaddling helps your baby, it is time to know the best ways to master the art of swaddling.

How to swaddle a baby?

Swaddling techniques can change, depending on your schedule and patience in a given situation. Luckily, there are more than one ways to swaddle your baby and give him the calmness that reflects through his smile.

  • The diamond swaddle:

This technique involves placing the blanket in a diamond shape and tucking each corner under the baby one by one. The key here is to avoid forcing any joints in a particular position. Also, the fabric of the blanket should never rub against your baby’s cheeks.

  • The square swaddle:

Also known as the quick swaddle, this one can be accomplished in a fraction of time as compared to the diamond swaddle. This technique involves placing the baby on a square blanket, tucking both corners under the baby. The corner in the bottom is tucked behind the baby.

  • Sleep sack swaddle:

This involves buying a special sleep sack swaddle for the baby. Once you have it, swaddling is no big deal for you anymore. All you need to do is to slip in the baby like you would put on a pajama. Close the zip, seal the Velcro and your job is done.

A swaddle is not always appropriate for all babies. Sometimes they simply resist a swaddle so that calls for some more efforts on your end. However, in some cases, swaddling should be completely avoided, such as, if your baby is constantly resisting swaddling, when he can roll over on his side or when the environment is too hot. It is best to give up swaddling once the baby starts showing signs of active movements, such as raising his head. Continuing swaddling at this stage might inhibit proper motor function in the baby.

Now that you know what is swaddling all about, and how to do it, you can try being the perfect momma at swaddling right away!

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