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Family of Two Kids Vs Single Child Family!


The Demand for Family & Time is to be wise & make the decisions for the future beforehand!

A family is a shelter we develop for ourselves amidst this world full of strangers, a roller coaster ride which goes up & down at regular intervals. A family is the source of positivity we derive energy from in low phases of our life. With increasing population in the country, a need for family planning has emerged out loud these days. The most common question being asked is- Does a family need to have 2 kids or a single kid family is best in today’s scenario?

After a crucial study of various factors following outcomes can be easily drawn-

More Kids Equal more Financial Budget:


In simple words; to feed more mouths you need more money. The more is the count of family members the more source of income is desperately needed. With naked eye, one can easily tell it is financially easier to feed one member as compared to 2 members of the family. Having 2 kids is not a guilt decision but a couple does really need to have a proper planning on their expenditure budget before expanding their family. One really need to make sure he can afford the pressure of expensive education system these days. Being practical, a single child family does seem better when compared to the family with 2 kids on financial measures.

A Shift of Small Apartment to Big House:


A self-owned house is one of the primary targets for any individual in his life. An entire life is spent on earning 4 walls of shelter above the head. But if someone is planning to expand the family he definitely needs to keep the future in mind. When the kids grow up, they demand privacy. Separate bedrooms, separate bathrooms, separate television sets etc. are few of the demands which the kids raise in future. All this can’t fit in a 2 BHK apartment which falls in the budget of a middle-class family. Instead, a house of at least 3 rooms is an ideal solution to keep the future situations away from trouble.

Four Shoulders to Rely on in Hard Times:


Children are the supporting shoulders in hard times for any parent. Emotional assistance is the primary benefit of having loved ones by your side. Sometimes it is this emotional support which not only cures you of ongoing problems in life but also gives strength to make a fresh start with the new beginning. There is a risk of dis-balancing when you have to put your weight on 2 shoulders but when the shoulders multiply there is no limit to the pain these can bear & still manage to be firm. Definitely having 2 kids is a big win in such situations of life. We can rely on children to be with us in dark times of life as they are full of positive energy & pure thoughts instead of evil intentions like the grown-ups.

A Protector/Friend in form of Elder Kid:


Another positive aspect of having a family with 2 kids is that the elder one acts as a shield. The unbreakable force guides the young soul to the correct path in life. Nowadays, there are increasing cases of depression in kids, but when a family has an elder kid the chances of the depression are almost nullified.  This is because of the presence of a strong bond between the kids. The children share everything with each other which they are scared to share with the parents & they resolve all the issues by themselves. The kids are blessed with a guardian who they can easily trust & open up without any resistance. There is always a support in making hard decisions in life. The elder kid has a strong experience of hard situations and thus make sure that younger one doesn’t make the same mistakes as they did.


The comparison is like the fall of a coin- either you get tails or heads the outcome might be favorable or negative depending on your current situation in life. Maybe you are financially strong & can easily afford all the increased expenses & withstand all the future demands of the kids then nothing would be more pleasing to lead your life with 2 kids in the family. But if you are not so fit on the financial aspect of life & have no interest in expanding the place you own then no more decision could be as wise as having a family with just one kid. The choice lies within your hand, there can be hundreds of both positives as well as negatives for both the scenario but you have to make the final pick.

Article Credits: Vikas Pandey | Noida | India

Editor: LivePeppy

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