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Deeper the Communication, Deeper the Relationship!


This mad rat race of the 21st century has made parents fallen into a trap of meeting deadlines at our prestigious workplaces. No doubt, even the children are burdened with their assigned duties. With such hectic schedules, both the parents and children are bereft of time. Therefore in such a busy life, communication with our own family members is “zero” which further may create a wall of misunderstanding between relationships.

Walls of Misunderstanding between different Stages of Parent-Child Relationship:

  • Parents and Teenagers:

This is apparently visible in the case of parents and children where there is a generation gap. Because of the generation gap, we mostly notice a clash between opinions. We see sometimes parents are reluctant to admire new and fresh thoughts of their children.

On the other hand, parents must admire their kid’s unique ideas and suggestions. Just like all our fingers aren’t the same size, so is our thought process. But, one of the underlying cause of disapproval of new and fresh thoughts is the persistent fear that exists in their mind. Parents think that children shouldn’t make the same mistakes which they had done. But, at the same time, it is highly important for them to understand that the child should practically face the repercussions and learn from the imperfections. So, rather than feeding a child with positive and negative aspects of anything, let your child execute his idea, let him fall down and see him standing up back again with a stronger mindset!

Appropriate communication with your child regarding the same will make him gain self-confidence. Also, this would enable both the parents and children to have a healthy and happy conversation without any heated arguments. Thus little time spent with each other will make the life more joyful.

  • Elderly People and their Children:


The elderly people with their devotion, dedication, and sincerity nurtured their young ones with bags full of care and love. But sadly they aren’t paid back the same care. The reason is our assigned duties. But we must realize that their eyes are glued to the clock. It’s because they want to share happy and sad moments together. But unfortunately, we aren’t able to devote time. This makes them feel shattered sometimes, also they feel that they are the disturbing elements in their children life. So they part their ways at times.

At last, the result is broken hearts and unhappy faces. So the remedy is Communication, sharing little time would make them feel protected. Allocate some time to bring smiles to their faces.

  • Kids and their Parents:

With heavy routines, it’s cumbersome to allocate time for children. Because of the same, they feel ignored and assume that they aren’t loved. This creates boundaries which aren’t realized during that time period. Thus, parents must take out some time for their family may be in terms of weekend getaways, where they can spend good quality time with their children. This will indirectly solve the misunderstandings and make them learn the brutal realities of life.

By communicating, which in simple words mean to exchange our thoughts feelings and emotions, we can strengthen the bonds of relationships.

Prefer a Stress Free and Peppy Work-Life?

Communication is the key!

  • Benefits at the Workplace

Lack of communication results in an increased amount of employee turnover, low productivity, and unsatisfactory customers. But sound communication resolves problems and builds solid relationships at the workplace.

  • Replaces “I ” with “We”

The working environment becomes even more harmonious when there is no “I” but “We”. Workers are felt valued and thus good communication leads to positivity in the workplace.

  • Boost the Morale of the Employee


Long lasting motivation remains within an employee if communication is effective. Meaning, reciprocation of feelings and thoughts must be there for a healthy communication. This would instill values of integrity and responsibility in the employee’s mind. Also, this would enable the manager and employee, sailing on the same boat, move towards a common goal i.e. the success of the company.

To extract the sweetest fruit, remember the following:

  • Be Encouraging

Our words of encouragement make other people feel valued. So make others feel valuable, capable, welcomed and appreciated. This would give the motivation to do their best. Always try to make communication interactive by throwing questions and asking advice. A little change in body language may do wonders!
  • Be Aware of others Emotions

Always look at both sides of the coin. If you are rewarding for achievements, do not also forget to show disapproval for the mistakes. For rewarding and giving time to improvise, communication is the key. Communication would enable you to have an idea about what’s happening in their lives. This will ease the fears and anxiety in the mind of your loved ones. But remember relationships are very fragile in nature, so always evaluate the effect of what you are saying to avoid any crack.
  • Be Empathetic

It is being empathetic when you have the art of appreciating others. Never make any fixed mindsets, judgments nor create stereotyping. Make yourself fluid and never let yourself be a victim of rigid binaries. Look at what others feel and see their views first. You could give your personal view honestly and patiently to avoid confusion. So learn to be empathetic and see things from a different angle.

Are you feeling sorry for something? Are you guilty? Do you just want to speak to them?

Pick up your phone immediately, ring them up, or start using any communication/social media app which is just a click away, and reach out to the person you wanted to speak to since long! Use this speed of technology to bring changes in your lives.

This will really help you give inner-peace!

Final Words:

Sow the seeds of communication, give a new birth to your relationships and bloom it with grace! The way drops of water makes an ocean, similarly, bring a change in your life by spreading a bigger change across the world.

Have a Happy Conversation and a Happy & Peppy Life!

Article Credits: Unnati Khanna | New Delhi | India

Editor: LivePeppy

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