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Ethical & Managerial Issues at Workplace!


Today when everything is so expensive, mostly in a middle-class family it is mandatory for the husband and wife, both to work to ensure they can have a decent living. Hence, both come back home with some work stress for sure. Unlike back then those days when only men worked and women would handle only the household. 

Certain issues that one faces at work and that can cause stress are:

Demanding Bosses at Workplace: 


Some bosses are extremely aggressive in nature. They expect one to work with them for all the hours (post or pre-office). It is like an unsaid rule “boss hasn’t left for the day yet, how can you?”  In some workplaces, it is also noticed that the boss avoids delegating any work during the entire day. However, maximum delegations happen when it is the end of the 9 official hours spent by the employee. This behavior is extremely stressful especially when one has a certain schedule to follow after reaching home (concern for women & mothers).

Diplomatic Colleagues:

While ones immediate team at work is mostly fun to be with, there are always some colleagues who are extremely close to the boss. At times these colleagues end up talking ill about their teammates. Hence, when one realizes about what one is being spoken about, develops a feeling of insecurity and also feels scrutinized all the time. Thus, doesn’t befriend people at work, this leads to stressful surrounding at work.

Stringent Timelines:


Some bosses consider giving a short completion time because they feel this is the best way to attain maximum productivity. In case the employee cannot cope up with the timeline he/she will speak up and ask for an extension. However, if he/she does complete it then one can be assured that the same task earlier was done lethargically. This only creates not required pressure and stress on their entire team.

High Targets:

In this competitive world, being cost-effective is the keyword. A boss tries to achieve maximum productivity out of the minimal number of employees required. It is good to have a goal. However, if it is unrealistic or delegated by leaders who themselves cannot guide the team on how to achieve it, seems like a lack of leadership quality. Also, in this case, the manager is unaware of the feeling of work burden being pushed to the team, which cause a lot of stress to the members.

Demeaning Behavior:


Some bosses think ones reporting to them are their slaves. Hence, they do talk to their employees in a very demeaning manner, at times using foul language as well. A person with self-dignity will never succumb to this kind of behavior from anyone. Hence with this loss of self-respect, one would rather resign than chose to work with such a boss.

Time Management:

This seems like only a term in books, cause with the amount of work one is loaded with is unbelievable, right from it being the daily checks to other delegated tasks with almost all on an ‘urgent’ timeline. It is impossible for an employee to leave the workplace in India on time, at the same time when these timelines are not met, one’s appraisal is affected as well.

Not Defined Key Role Areas (KRA’s):


It happens so many times that one is appointed to justify a specific designation in a specific department. However, the bosses feel that they have every right to explore all that an employee is delegated. Irrespective, of that task being a part of that employee’s domain or expertise. This does create pressure and  stress to prove to one’s boss especially when one doesn’t have the courage to say “boss, this doesn’t  come under my profile or designation”

Leave / Holiday / Weekend:


On joining an organization, one is expected to spend the stipulated office hours at work as a mandate. However, today’s biggest fad is that one has to be reachable post office hours. On holidays, while on a vacation and over weekends as well, in case there is something urgent that comes up. So when one thinks of taking up a job especially at a mid-management designation, one has to surrender their personal life and family time to their bosses. This does create a lot of stress even when physically one is off work.

Bottom Line:

It is high time that the Human Resource team should become really strong and starts putting a penalty on such bosses or work ethics, as this is only creating a lot of stress on the employees who are working in such organizations. Each one who goes to work has their own personal reasons why they are not at home and instead at work, end of the day all people at leadership positions need to be considerate towards their team instead of being slave drivers. As an employee being subjected to these issues at work, one must learn to say a polite ‘no’ to your boss as and when needed. Kind and compatible bosses prove to be better leaders with better results.

Be Happy, Be Peppy! 🙂

Article Credits: Aarti Dalal | Mumbai | India

Editor: LivePeppy

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