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Survival Guide: Realistic Relationship Problems


Is “GirlFriend & BoyFriend” just a short-term committed relationship in comparison to the terms “Spouse/Husband-Wife/Partner“? What are the implications of a relationship that began since school days? What is the future of young love?

Being in love is one of the best feelings that a couple feels in a relationship, considering they are young adults and want to live a life by their rules, at times end up shattered and with an aching heartbreak which takes a while to recover from. This condition causes depression that too at an early age which can be a threat to their individual lives as well as leading to stress in the family!

Below are some real scenarios one usually go through in a relationship:

1. Being too possessive (early stage relationship):


During the early phase of the courtship, one loves the attention and focus they get from their partner. Wherever one goes, their partner wants to go along and be together (be it physically or virtually) all time! This does look”wow” & really fancy during the early stage of any relationship. Although this also creates a base for a strong relationship but in reality after a few months when a partner refuses or says that he/ she cannot accompany due to some valid reason, still the other person in the relationship starts doubting their intention which mentally strains them.

While in a relationship, one should be really practical. Keeping in mind the future, which would include a busy life with a busy schedule for anyone/both persons, one should not create an unrealistic benchmark for the long run.


2. Trust & Intimacy:


As a Girl Friend and Boy Friend, one does share an intimate space which happens mostly with time when there are total trust and wishes or demand from the other partner. Some like to capture these moments on their phones. But, if this lovely relationship gets complicated or ends, these in-love moments become the ugliest & scariest nightmares that can affect one’s health with sleepless nights, guilt and stress. 

Hence, respect your relationship and privacy, avoid such moments for which you feel anxious in the future, irrespective of how much you trust each other. 

3. Lack of Personal Space:


Thanks to the cell phones, we are connected 24×7, however as a Girl Friend & Boy Friend, one wants to be connected as though they live together under one roof, with a constant chat window active and a live commentary on. Initially, it all feels very nice and rosy. However after a few months, when you really want some time & space for yourself, you realize how deep is the well you created. This is the moment when you end up getting stressed by the counter questions as explanations asked by your partner that is when you start feeling tied down. This surely makes one irritable & frustrated in nature, which may have a huge impact on one’s family, studies & occupation.

Thus, both girl and boy should respect each others personal time & space. Being madly in love is great but to maintain this love, don’t feel the other person is your robot. He/she also had a family, a life & altogether different set of priorities before you came into the picture.

4. Changed me for you: 


At the beginning of a relationship, a woman may appreciate her man if he tries to change her dressing etiquette. But, the same woman, in future, may feel a lack of free thinking her man doesn’t allow her to wear a certain type of clothing. Once a couple has spent a few months being in a relationship, the moment they introspect about themselves, they tend to get a feeling of what all they have had to let go of, as their partner disliked or disapproved it. This creates stress thinking they have had to change themselves for their partner.

Little change is always considered good for life. But interfering with the other person on every small thing can definitely lead to a stress-full life. Truly love each other, but Live and Let Live & accept the people & situations as they are!

5. Arguments and patch-ups, Where is the Love? :


Few months and years spent being in a relationship, during this period both of them have acquired their own opinion and judgment about their partner. They have reached a situation where they no longer want to compromise on what they want to do, irrespective of what their partners might feel about it, they are ok to end up arguing or later patching up with their partner, as right now they want their inner emotions to be freed.

A relationship is all about being together as one team and having the confidence of being yourself irrespective of your partner being around or not.

6. Out of Sight:


Jobs today demand a lot of travel and socializing with colleagues. When one is out with their office colleagues and their partner is not around, one suddenly feels free and wants to let loose. Later, they upload their captured happy moments on social media which leads to frustration for the other partner. At the same time, if one is out with their partner, their actions and behavior are constrained proving that the relationship that they share as girl-friend and boyfriend is stressed and unhealthy.

One should have the freedom to enjoy his/her life on a personal level too. If there are complications in a relationship, this doesn’t mean he/she should take these complications at the office level. This can in-fact reduce the level of stress one is going through. 

7. Long Distance Relationship: 


Maintaining a Long distance relationship is not a cake walk, but involves real hard efforts from both sides. Loneliness, Jealousy, Trust, Missing factor, Communication Gap, Misunderstandings & much more factors are really common in any long-distance relationship. These factors, to some extent, can really complicate a relationship. 

But, staying stern and building trust mutually can really help one to cover up this distance. We are in a virtual world where distance is a call away! Instead of creating the feeling of loneliness, one should spend their quality time focusing on their professional & family time.

8. Break Up & Move-on:


At the end of a chocking relationship, one finally gathers courage and moves on; however, the after-effects of the relationship now start cropping up, with ugly blame from your partner and the emotional stress that one already is feeling. 

When you really love someone and wish to spend your entire life with that person, firstly be practical and fathom the pros and cons of the relationship. As they say love is blind, one of the biggest alerts that a couple should consider, contemplate yourself if you can accept and adjust to these ‘not pleasing’ behavior of the other person and only if you are zillion percent sure, ‘go’ for it, else the wise thing is to ‘let go’ of it.


An unhappy relationship is one of the prime causes of stress, diabetes, blood pressure & many more lifestyle diseases, and one has the right to opt to live with or without that relationship.

Be Happy, Be Peppy! 🙂

Article Credits: Aarti Dalal | Mumbai | India

Editor: LivePeppy

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