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Life: A juggle between Family & Office


Nowadays, life is a big juggle between home and work, especially when one is married. Having a great family time, ensuring timelines and targets are met is a challenge in itself. In most of the cases, one tries to meet one expectation (personal or professional) but the other is not met.

Below are Certain personal and professional hits that one gets affected with:

  1. No Growth / Promotion:

Family Time

Being a stable employee, one keeps up with the family commitments on a regular basis which could be as simple as leaving for work every day on time, returning back home on time, genuinely spending time with an ailing family member & much more. But, during the year-end assessment, the same person, if considered as incompetent enough won’t be eligible for a promotion which means one worked really hard, both at office & home, however, no growth would drain him psychologically.

2. Poor Appraisals:

Family Time

If one is unable to give the extra time, there is a high possibility that he /she would not get a good rating on their year-end assessment. During the appraisal period, the boss may simply convey that his/her expectations are not met! The boss may also state that one is not capable to go that extra mile. Instead, the boss should actually understand the fact that one has an equal and important personal life as well.

When the Indian corporate society starts thinking and realizing on how much effort one puts in to stay committed to every role in life (personal & professional) one would start looking at expectations from their employees differently and this change would keep the employees healthy, happy and effective at work.

3. Expectation over Weekends and Vacations:

Family Time

Smartphones have a quick access to emails and messages. Thus, on an immediate basis, irrespective of one being on their week off, vacation etc, one is expected to respond immediately. This also includes the Whatsapp official groups created for immediate attention, especially during post office hours. Any delay or no reverts on that again leads to a point for the boss to hold against that employee. All these expectations lead to an unbalanced family and work life. In this case, both don’t seem to be in peace, thus leading to health issues in the long run.

4. Family Time Invaded:

Family Time

Everyone has a family and a circle of friends. But, being a part of certain corporates, targets are such that the reporting bosses expect an employee to work over-time. This may require to come extra over the weekend to complete the task based on the committed timeline. This again leads to forced time at work and away from family & friends, at times this is one of the reasons why employees chose to lie and chose not to come to work.

5. Stress At Home:

Family Time

When any of the family members are unable to spend quality time with their family, it creates stress on their loved ones. This stress could lead to an early age heart condition or acquiring any lifestyle-related ailments.

6. Jobs with Shifts:

Family Time

To earn a higher salary, youth today pick jobs with rotating shift timings. This not only affects one’s body clock but also affects one’s personal relationship with family and friends. They reach home and go to sleep when their family members are awake and vice-versa. At a young age, one doesn’t realize, this lifestyle is also one of the causes of hormonal imbalance.

As an employee, it is important for one to be reachable during post office hours. It is a mandate to reach on time irrespective of how far or close one lives to one’s workplace.

These are some of the double standards that some corporate company portrays. If an employee is not be disturbed at work, then the same right should be with the employee too!

An organization should definitely support Family Time, Flexi-Working hours, Employee Rights and much more to make an office a better and an effective business place. This may also result in a healthy, happy, satisfied & a productive employee!

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Be Happy, Be Peppy! 🙂

Article Credits: Aarti Dalal | Mumbai | India

Editor: LivePeppy

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