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Healthy Dinner Date Habits!


Are you the one who is damn conscious about your health? Do you frequently keep a check on your calorie-intake?

But do you know, when you go out for a dinner date with your boyfriend, you tend to have over 1,000 calories!  Keeping yourself in shape when dining out is simply a matter of ordering the “Right Menu”.

Below are some tips for having a healthy dinner at a restaurant while keeping your tummy happy! 🙂

  • Begin it with a bowl of Soup

Having soup as a starter will decrease your subsequent meal intake by 20% and so does the calories. A soup may/may not be directly beneficial for weight loss, but will definitely register your brain as stomach fullness because it takes time to consume soup. Try having a soup which is fully loaded with different veggies. This will also fulfill a body’s daily nutrition requirement.

  • Have Salads


It will not only fill you up with fewer calories but will also give you a great dose of fiber, vitamins, and minerals which is amazing for a healthy heart. But make sure you don’t get those extra cheesy toppings! For salad dressings, replace creams with vinegar and olive oil which is again heart healthy.

  • Don’t order any Alcohol

You’ll surely save a number of calories by not ordering an alcoholic beverage. Eg. If you order Vodka, you may also ask for an aerated beverage to accompany with, which is fully loaded with sugar! Try replacing your alcohol with iced tea or lemonade. This will not only help you digest the restaurant food but will also maintain a sufficient amount of Vitamin C in your body.

  • Don’t Order An Appetizer

Appetizers are definitely not the healthiest way to start your dinner date. Almost every appetizer is deep fried. Some deep-fried appetizers have much more calories than your favorite main course. Further, they are served with sauces which will increase your intake of trans-fats, saturated fats, and calories.

  • Choose The Right Main Course

Opt for boiled, broiled or grilled food instead of a fried one.  Avoid starch-based eatables as much as you can. Lower the starch, lower is the carbohydrate and calorie intake. Opt for tomato-based sauces instead of cream sauces.

  • Don’t Overeat

Nowadays, many restaurants serve larger quantities of food as compared to the servings in past. In this case, put aside half of the portion to be taken at home or you may give it to someone needy. If you remove something from your table before you start, you’ll be less tempted to overeat.

  • Say No To Sugary, Fatty Desserts

Last, but not the least, order some low carb cheesecake instead of an Ice Cream etc. Make some wise choices at the end of your meal and end your date on a sweet note that too without any indigestion. 🙂

So, next time when are with your fiance, on a dinner date, make sure you keep the above tips in mind. You’ll surely slash out 50% of the calories by just ordering the right menu.

Eat Healthily, Be Happy!

Save Calories, Save Yourself!

Article Credits: Janvee Garg | Founder | LivePeppy

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