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Speaking about the Journey so far, Studio Guru’s Founder Mr. Gaurav Moitra, said,

It’s quite a rollercoaster ride. I remember, when we started this production house, we just had one thing in our mind that we will make good films which we try to do today also. There have been lots of ups and downs. I learned lots and lots of things about the business, enjoyed success and faced some losses too. In total, it’s an adventurous journey which I look forward to every day and every night.

Did you face any challenges?

Running a production house is a challenge in itself. The biggest challenge is to convince your clients’ that what we do is not just pressing the record button and stitching the video clips with few clicks. Its lot more than that. When we (me, my elder brother Sourabh Moitra and my Cousin Brother Debjyoti Majumdar) started this production house back in our hometown, we didn’t have any capital with us. Although some little investments were made on buying equipment by my elder brother and father. All we have was courage and passion for the work. During this time, we had lots of challenges. Corporate videos and commercials were our strength. This was because we used to work for other companies or as a freelancer for all these projects but when we started doing wedding films, it was totally a different ball game from these kinds of projects.

Right from managing crew to getting payments on time, everything was a challenge. However, slowly and steadily, by two years we managed to make a name not only in hometown but also in other cities too. By this time, we didn’t register our business. After two years, we shifted our base to Mumbai. We got the business registered now and its been 4 years. Now we do fewer weddings and more of corporate videos and commercials. There are new sets of challenges but I personally feel that these challenges are what keeps you going.

Why Studio Guru?

studio guru

Studio Guru is a production house. We are majorly into corporate videos, tvc, music videos, documentaries. We are also planning for a few originals. Behind the name Studio Guru, there is a spiritual reason we dedicated to our Guru we follow. Before starting with Studio Guru, I was working as a freelancer for other projects, this made me think if I can do it for others why not I do it for myself.

Is your Work Life Balanced?

I love doing what I do as a profession. Earlier there was no work-life balance. But now everything is balanced even I started solo backpacking too.

Are you looking to raise any funding or investment?

Since we started writing our originals, we are now actively looking for funding for our web series and short films.

Any Success Story?

If I have to name my success story, I would name it a failure. This is because I feel without failure you cannot get success. I owe my success to the failures or losses I had. Talking about a success story, every project I execute, every client I work with is a success story for me.

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