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Soulful Serenity heals your soul for a better tomorrow!


Soulful Serenity by Ms. Nehal Bellani, changes the world by reaching out to everyone by helping and connecting. This world needs healing, love, empathy, and compassion and it is their goal to give that to everyone they cross their paths with. Affirmation therapy and Reiki is the best way to help someone heal from everything they go through in life.

Speaking about the Journey so far, Soulful Serenity’s Founder Ms. Nehal Bellani, said,

My name is Nehal Bellani and I am a Reiki practitioner. I specialize in affirmation therapy as well. Originally from Bangkok, healing has been part of my journey since the last 4 years. I learned Reiki in Bangkok and affirmations is something I connected with on another level. I did my graduation in Public Relations, and I then went on to become a wedding planner in Thailand for over two years. We specialized in destination weddings and it was a great job. However I decided to study further, so I moved to Mumbai to do a luxury brand management post graduation certificate from FAD International. I then worked here for two months and that is when I got my calling in starting something of my own.

This is how Soulful Serenity came about.

soulful serenity

I somehow find so much peace and calmness when I am able to help people heal themselves so I decided to turn this into my profession. In our heads and minds is where we make life complicated. I wanted to reach out to all the souls and show them that life can be lived in a very serene way.  At the end of the day, you yourself are enough to get through life, to heal yourself and to grow on your journey. It’s my passion and how important it is to be emotionally and mentally stable that made me turn this into my profession. All the way from Bangkok, I have decided to tap into the healing and wellness market in India and spread my awareness for something I absolutely believe in and love doing.

About the Challenges faced by Ms. Nehal:

Being from Bangkok, to start something at a place like Mumbai that you are unfamiliar with, was a huge challenge. I had to start from scratch, got on my feet and understood the ground reality. Professional networking with people helped me understand the market. It’s been a lot of learning but I couldn’t be anything but grateful for the opportunity and the experience through the whole process. I have put in a lot of research into different types of healing and I learned a lot, which has helped me grow.

Operationally, another challenge is about the generic mentality about healing. Many people look at healing as it is something people need if they are depressed. This is not always the case so that has been another challenge, making people see the other perspective of it. There are times people get it and then there are other times where people don’t get it.

Besides these two challenges, I feel like it’s been a smooth and nice journey so far considering it’s only been three months since I started out. Every day is a challenge, but I believe it’s the best way to grow and learn and being thankful for the experience is the most important.

Why Soulful Serenity?

I started The Soulful Serenity as a healing page to help others. The name came from the idea of wanting to reach people’s soul and help them heal. Living life the serene way is so important, being calm, peaceful and things just fall into place. The name just fit together and I went with it. All I wanted was to spread my knowledge and heal people, help them live a better life with positive intentions.

Ms. Nehal mentioned, “I wanted to heal people and help them positively in any way I can”.

It all started out with me wanting people to realize and see that life is easy. In our heads and minds is where we make life complicated. I wanted to reach out to all the souls and show them it can be lived in a very serene way.  At the end of the day, you yourself are enough to get through life, to heal yourself and to grow on your journey. You don’t need any more than just yourself. We have a habit of undermining the potential we have, always of how much and how far we can go. Life can be lived in a very serene way, just take it one step at a time. I am positive that I will be able to show you that life is not complicated with the easiest methods.

What about Work-Life Balance?

soulful serenity

Work-life balance is extremely important. Many times, in a city like Mumbai, people get so occupied with work that they forget about themselves. They forget that they have to look after themselves too in order to keep going. I usually give at least 30 minutes a day to myself. My daily practices include meditating daily, writing out my affirmations, and some form of physical activity. I eat well, hydrate well and do other things but these are done regardless. Days where I don’t have the time, I try spending at least 15 minutes with myself. This is very important because looking after myself gives me the energy of getting through my day very smoothly.

Any misconceptions about this industry?

Usually, people consider that their family is enough to support them. They thin that consulting someone else is something really wrong, which is a myth. It makes people think that you are mentally ill. However, I totally disagree with that. Life coaching, affirmations, and reiki are to heal yourself with techniques that others may not be able to help you. People go through this to make their life better, live it in a more positive way versus all the negativity that we have to go through daily.

How do you define Success?

Success to me is helping and healing someone. Even if they feel better after working with me, that is a success for me. Due to my services, as long as I manage to help a person, giving them a different perspective which is positive and that helps them, to me that is a success.
When it comes to healing if I have helped someone whether, in a small or a big way, that is when I know I have been successful. I am here to heal and help people see things in an easy positive way making their lives easier. If I manage to do that, I feel I have been successful.

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