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Speaking about the Journey so far, BookMandee’s Founder Mr. Taranpreet Singh said,

I launched BookMandee as an online platform to help Indians buy, sell or donate their old books online in mid-2018. Since that time, I have been involved in making its web presence and have achieved considerable web traffic over it. People from all corners of India are submitting their book-ads on BookMandee. They rely upon the idea that this unique portal has been backed by, and I aim to fulfill their expectations.

Over this course of time, BookMandee has been featured on some of the popular platforms, like YourStory, ViralIndianDiary, etc.

Did you face any Challenges?

Initially, funding was a challenge. I overcame it by utilizing my savings to build this platform from scratch. Then came the platform designing/development part. I did research at my end, gone through several learning modules, created wireframe for it and then end up building BookMandee as what it is now.

Why BookMandee?

More like an All-India Initiative, BookMandee is for me. It is basically based on the idea that valuable used, old books should never be sold in scrap. Instead, they can be best shared or sold to those who are in need of them.


About its name, I first started with Bookdesk and then got the idea of ‘BookMandi’. It was so connecting to the idea I want to work upon. Unfortunately, the domain name was not available.

So, I finalized ‘BookMandee’ as the brand name.

How about Work-Life Balance?

For me, work-life balance is more about doing my best in both of these aspects individually so that they do not interfere with each other. Luckily, I have been able to achieve that in my life with the kind of lifestyle we follow.

How do you take out time for your Health?

I enjoy living my life. Thus, I feel I have the responsibility to take good care of it. For my health, I am a regular gym-goer and I follow a healthy diet in my normal lifestyle. For inner peace, I read and understand scriptures. That helps me stay closer to my inner-self.

Any Work Stress?

Stress is something that comes up when you continue doing something you do not want to. It is when you love to do what you do that you feel less stressed at work.

That’s how I think of my work-life. I do not feel stressed a lot, but happy.

Any misconceptions about the industry

About the education industry, I feel there is a scope of mutual dependence that can be brought forward with the help of BookMandee.

We all can help others to become educated. Students can help their juniors by selling or donating their old books to them. This does not need that they should be in the same school. Students in the same city can help each other through this innovative online platform. Similarly, working class people who have lots of old books kept saved in their homes can help others with their old books.

It is more about feeling that our old books are more valuable than what a scrap buyer would give us in return of them.

Success Story

For me, success does not equal money primarily at all. It is more about doing what I feel I should and end up feeling good about it at the end of the day.

In terms of BookMandee, I haven’t yet earned anything. It has not yet been monetized. But I am planning to monetize it soon.

In other ways, the success of BookMandee till now can be gauged by the fact that people from almost every corner of India have started using it. The more they get helped with this platform, the more I will feel successful.

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