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World of WOW Fitness aims every Mom to be Fit & Healthy!


Being an entrepreneur is not easy, being a mompreneur is an even more herculean feat. Women like Lopamudra Banerjee has proved that the sky is the limit for achieving success as long as your work hard and your heart is in the right place. 


She has achieved great success and has broken many barriers when she chose to switch from a 9 to 5 job to a sought after health coach today. Her transformation from a highly paid corporate executive to a professional health and fitness expert was not easy. She has over 9 years of experience and eons of successful clients who have paved her path in the industry.

Born and raised in Ranchi, Lopamudra did her schooling from the prestigious DAV Jawahar Vidya Mandir before moving to West Bengal for further studies. After completing her education she took up a challenging sales job. ‘I loved it’ she says, this was a great career starter for a diligent go-getting who loved pushing her boundaries every day.

Gladrags Mrs. India

She was first introduced into the world of fitness when she was chosen for the Gladrags Mrs. India contest in Mumbai, her acquaintance with 21 other participants made her see different perspective and path of life. She wanted to overcome the challenges and made up of the mind to be fit, healthy and comfortable in her body.

Her mission in life is “to love and value myself and help others to do the same”.


She could also see after being a finalist, her heart wanted more. She knew she was not made for the 9 to 5 job, and wanted to do something where she could help innumerable people achieve their optimal health. Lopamudra always enjoyed motherhood and being a mom. She loved taking care, spending time playing and just being around her little daughter. These two combined helped her decide to quit her high paying job and start World of WOW Fitness.

Family Support

Lopamudra’s husband and daughter were always her biggest cheerleaders from day one. Her husband motivated her to strive hard and achieve everything she dreamt of. Backed with family support and encouragement, she got into fitness full time in the year 2011 and since equipped herself by undertaking uncountable fitness and nutrition learning with various national and international certifications and courses.

About World of WOW Fitness

Born out deep experience, knowledge, and love for fitness, World of WOW Fitness was established in the year 2016 to expand her reach and to help as many people as possible to achieve the fit and healthy body they crave for.

World of WOW Fitness has a wide clientele pan India but comprises mainly of women and young mothers between the age of 25- 45 years who look up to her for motivation and fitness. Lopamudra truly believes that the key to being fit starts in the kitchen and ends with a workout that makes the body strong and the mind fresh.

Why World of Wow Fitness

Being a mother of a 13-year-old daughter, she remembers her struggles of losing weight and getting fit after the birth of her daughter, this has carved out a very special spot in her heart that yearns to help moms achieves their health goals.

She starts by understanding the requirements of the mom and assess their current state to undertake a nutritional and fitness program. She often sees new moms a couple of weeks after giving birth desperately trying to lose weight and she tells ‘hold on, there is plenty of time for that, for now, take the best care possible of yourself and your little one’

‘Each mother is different’ she shares, so a freely available diet chart or strict calorie restriction is dangerous not in favor of the mom and little tot. 

When asked to share a few tips about post-pregnancy weight loss, she says do not choose to strictly diet immediately, take time to let your body heal. Have nutritious and protein-rich food and don’t forget to stay hydrated. When your body is ready you can slowly start exercising and do a weight loss program under an expert.

Lopamudra cheerfully signs off by saying, I understand how overwhelming being a mother is and we all perform extremely well in that role. So relax, take great care of yourself and the little one and only when you are ready to get into a fitness program!

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