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Chirpin unleashes the Potential of Digital Marketing!


Speaking about the Journey so far, Chirpin’s Founder Mr. Sushnato Dutta said,

The journey right from the start has indeed been a topsy-turvy ride because everything, when started from scratch, demands vigor and passion accompanied by the right amount of skill and expertise to make it big in the arena. It was not an easy affair to find and build a team of experts and enthusiastic people who resonate with my vision which was a fascinating journey in itself and led me to discover that the cohesion in our forces makes us strong enough to be capable of scaling up the mountains. Starting off as a content marketing firm based out of Delhi, we decided to begin our journey by taking small steps in the right direction. Slowly and gradually, we saw huge potential among small and medium-sized businesses which have taken a leap in recent times. They are the innovators and are risk takers. Many SME owners enter the market with a plunge into online marketing methods with digital marketing as their primary source of procurement. Given these facts, we decided to integrate other aspects of marketing with content and evolve into a full-service digital agency.

Did you face any challenges?

As Jack Penn quotes “One of the secrets of life is to make stepping stones out of stumbling blocks.” A major challenge that we faced along our journey was that we had walked into a territory in which many players had already ventured into. However, our approach has been innovative and our strength lies in the fact that we always strive to keep our overheads at a bare minimum level and pass on the benefits of costs to our clients which makes us unique in our own way. Another challenge that followed was to compete with freelancers who provide low-cost services. However, our USP lies in the fact that we are providing agency experience at the cost of a freelancer and we are proud of having a team of experts who manage to provide the best quality services without burning a hole in the pockets of our clients.

Why Chirpin?

Chirpin – Every Little Bit! The name is a perfect representation of our mission and actions. Just like a tiny bird chirp, in an attempt to attract the attention of everyone present around it and convey a message wherever it goes, we aim to convey the message of our clients’ brand to wherever we go.

Chirpers at Chirpin chirp your message so well that no one can ignore it.

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Whether you are large, medium or a small business, we have got you covered. Crafting and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent marketing solutions to our clients is what we specialize in. Our proficiency lies in giving budget solutions to small and medium enterprises. Chirpin is a one-stop shop for content marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing and other marketing solutions where we believe in offering you the experience of best solutions as per your budget. Our motto is to deliver until we beat the best of your imagination, and ours too. We cater and customize across each industry vertical. Our team comprises of Industry experts and passionate content writers, marketing enthusiasts and most importantly, out of the box thinkers, who have a knack for developing quality marketing solutions.

Every journey starts with a small thought and if that one thought was to be put into words, I would put that in the words of Richard Branson, “If you spot an opportunity and are really excited about it, throw yourself into it with everything you’ve got.” It was at an introspection moment 3 years back when I realized the importance of falling in love with your work and decided to throw myself into my passion; something I not only was in love with and was enthusiastic about but also excelled in.

Work-Life Balance:

Achieving a perfect work-life balance indeed is a difficult feat to achieve but appropriate time management can actually make it a cake walk. When you focus on one thing at a time, you actually end up increasing productivity owing to the time saved by avoiding any confusion and chaos. The key is to not get hysterical about problems but to see them as motivators. No doubt, there have been instances when my loved ones turned their heads away from me and I was left alone in my journey but every coin has two sides. Despite the negatives, the people I met after venturing into this journey taught me a lot of things and all hails to my startup that I was able to build so many connections and develop new friendships which otherwise I would have missed out on.

Any misconceptions about the industry:

No doubt a few aspects of Digital Marketing are masked in myth and misconceptions perpetrated by detractors who really don’t know any better. The believers of these myths continue to grope in the dark, missing the vast array of opportunities available to them through Digital Marketing. One of the most widely taken myth is that Digital Marketing is only for big businesses. I differ on this. I believe that small businesses equally need to invest in digital marketing space in order to monetize on the ever-rising online presence of people at the global level. Another myth associated with websites is that traffic is the measure of your success. I believe in quality and not quantity. What matters is that the right type of audience is targeted. The importance of SEO, Content and updating a website constantly is oft underestimated. Chirpin strives to break all these misconceptions and provide the best quality digital marketing services to its clients and make digital marketing a norm for small and medium-size businesses.

Do you have any success story to share?

A person or an organization is never successful enough. One should always aim for higher heights since the sky is the limit. There are no measures to success because I believe that you are always successful if you put in the best of your efforts yet at the same time, never successful enough to sit back and relax. Given the fact that we are new entrants in the industry, we would rather call ours an ongoing story because we have only touched the tip of the iceberg which is indeed the hardest part. However, the fact that we have been able to kindle the hope of Small and Medium enterprises in growing via digital marketing and have been able to continually improve the quality and efficiency of our services, it is safe to deem it as a success in itself.


Small businesses and startups often think that they are too small and don’t need marketing. On the contrary, we keep on emphasizing upon the fact that small businesses have the most to gain from marketing! Brag about what you got and show off the accomplishments, it works brilliantly and actually adds not just to your bottom line but to also to the team morale. We at Chirpin, are striving to bring about this thought process to the grassroots level. If you got it, flaunt it!

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