HappyFitYou’s Happy-Peppy Workshops transforms Work-Stress into Motivation!


Speaking about the Journey so far, HappyFitYou’s Founder Ms. Anshula Verma said,

HappyFitYou started with a few activities before I ended my fitness workshop. I realized that these simple activities with learning were making people smile and realize simple pleasures in life.

Then I started with doing a month’s workshop at a college, then corporates like DBS Bank, LTI, GEP, Canara Robeco and etc. I was also invited to IIT Kharagpur for the workshop.

And it just is continuing.

I have done the following courses – Happiness Coaching, Facilitation and coaching, Transactional Analysis, Train The Trainer.

Did you face any challenges?

When I created HappyFitYou, I was worried whether it would go in the right direction or not.  Therefore, there was a lot of self-doubt about it. My worries started going away when people after my workshop came up to me and said, “You made us smile…Thank you”

As I am India’s youngest happiness coach, sometimes people would be like, what would she teach about happiness to people with so much of less life experience.

Therefore there were a lot of judgments and assumptions. However, this went away when I gave a demo workshop to the companies and they understood.

Why HappyFitYou?


HappyFitYou is a very unique concept. It focuses on the emotional, mental, spiritual & physical wellbeing of individuals. Workshops have fun activities mentally, which then has learning’s emotionally, and physically it has dance fitness.  The reason to keep this name is that in the workshop we create a stress-free, judgment-free, and full of energy atmosphere for the individuals, therefore “HAPPYFITYOU”.

What made me start this? – Everybody in today’s time is so focused on themselves that we do not have any Human Connection. We are so stressed and depressed that we have complicated the simplicity of our lives. That is when I felt that there was a need for such a venture in the world. Hence, I started it.

How do you keep yourself Happy?

I take out at least 5 hours for myself. 2 hours in the morning for a workout and getting ready. 1 and half hour in the entire day which is divided into two parts to take my dog(Joey) out for his walk. And 30 – 40 mins of evening walk irrespective of whatever time I come home. And at last, before I sleep, I give myself the time to do my hobby- either reading, writing, sketching or listening to music.

How do you manage Work Stress?

There are times when things would get hard. But then focusing on the solutions to that stress motivates me to work more and get things done, rather than by focusing on what is stressing me out.

Success Story

After I started HappyFitYou, I did my workshop at a college for a month and there were a few students who came up to me and said: “Thank You, because of you we smiled today”.

I did my workshop for the parents and grandparents. The activity was gratitude activity where the parents had to come on the stage with their parents and say thank you to them by looking in their eyes. They were so happy and everyone could see that when the grandparents came and thanked me and had tears in their eyes. 

I was invited to IIT Kharagpur to do a workshop for 3 days.

As HappyFitYou  supports The Sustainable Development Goal of Good Health & wellbeing, Quality Education,  Reduced Inequality and Partnerships for the Goals, I have collaborated with DBS Bank, TBZ Vashi, and Cox & Kings – Getaway Goddess program where I took 15 women with me for a Happiness Trip to Turkey (International) & Himachal Pradesh (Domestic), and forganic (an organic farm where you can do trekking, star gazing along with the workshop). We have got Dr. Tal Ben Shahar’s( a positive psychology professor from the Harvard University)course – Happiness Studies Academy to India. I am also a  key supporter of Global Wellness Day, India. I work with corporates like Wipro, LTI, Canara Robeco, DBS Bank, Cox & Kings, GEP to create a stress-free environment.

HappyFitYou follows Sustainable Development Goal of Good Health & wellbeing, Quality Education,  Reduced Inequality and Partnerships for the Goals.

After every workshop of mine, we give Tulsi saplings to every participant. The workshop has a lot to do with human connection & creating a stress-free environment & safe environment (no judgment, assumptions)for individuals so that they grow to their maximum potential. 

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