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About Style-n-File

It’s a small nail studio popular for bespoke nail art was set up at Heera Panna Shopping Center by Neha Suradkar in July 2016. To cater to the increasing demand for nails and makeup and to educate more students in makeup and nail, in February 2019, Style-n-File has been relocated to a bigger space in the same building. It is redesigned as a boutique nail and Makeup studio that not only provides services of high standards but also has a relaxed and refreshing feel to it.

Style-n-File Academy has around 250 sq.ft. space equipped with lights, mirrors, tables and chairs, 49” screen for presentations and offer personal and professional courses in Nails and Makeup.

The Founder, Neha Suradkar is a Makeup and Nail Artist and educator, a Style Coach and Fashion Educator, with an experience of over a decade.

Speaking about the Journey so far, Style n File’s Founder Ms. Neha Suradkar said,

I moved to Mumbai in 2014 from Singapore. It took some time to understand the market and introduce services that were not easily available, like personal makeup sessions which are simple and practical. Making people understand the need to look good can be a daunting task but if you walk the talk, things get a little easy. And so began the journey of my venture.

Style-n-File is a boutique nail and makeup studio and academy, one of the firsts of its kind in Powai. The name was selected as it represents makeup, styling, and nails. Colors have always fascinated me. Makeup and nails give me an opportunity to play with colors and explore my creative side. Since I have always been passionate about teaching and sharing my knowledge, I follow my passion by providing makeup and nail training.

At Style-n-File, we aim to make Beauty, Makeup and Nails a part of a lifestyle rather than something that is meant only for special occasions.


We always take into consideration the lifestyle and budget while doing nails and also while recommending products during a makeup training session.

About Work-Life Balance

Work is my passion, so is spending time with family and friends. I am a wife to a cosmetic innovator, who’s working with one the cosmetic giants and mother to a soon to be 8 son. When not working, we love to travel as a family. We love to give our son experiences that he would cherish for life and that would shape his life.

Makeup and nails are two upcoming fields in the beauty industry. I have always liked to work in a niche area rather than doing what everybody else does. There are already plenty of salons around which offer makeup and nails as a part of their repertoire of services but Style-n-File is a boutique nail and makeup studio offering bespoke services in both.

As an academy, we train the people aspiring to get into the beauty industry through these niche areas. As a makeup artist or nail technician, one can work full time, part time or as a freelancer. You can explore your hobby or passion along with your ongoing profession before you are ready to take it up as a career.

Industry Related Myths

The beauty industry is full of myths and misconceptions. One of the well-known ones being that you should dress up and look good only for occasions. While I am of the opinion that every day is an occasion. One should look good every day. Beauty, makeup, skincare nails, etc. should be made so simple and practical that you don’t feel stressed about following the routine. It should become a part of your lifestyle. 

I have always been inclined towards fashion and beauty.


After completing masters in Textiles and Clothing from Lady Irwin College, I started as a Project Associate and Guest Faculty in NIFT Delhi and then pursued my passion for teaching at Mount Carmel College, Bangalore. In 2011, we moved to Japan with our two months old son and there was no scope of fashion teaching with the new language. There I started exploring Japanese fashion, style and beauty; and cosmetics products. We moved to Singapore in 2012, and I completed a Diploma in Style Coaching from Style Coaching Institute, London.

I launched my venture in Singapore- Mirror Image and Style with an intention to help new mothers find their lost selves.

Packages were designed to help them understand their new body and lifestyle better and also to make them aware of few tips and quick fixes so that they can cut down on the time while getting ready.

After moving to Mumbai in 2014, I pursued professional courses in Makeup, hairstyling, and Nails. So once the time was right, I was able to fulfill my dream of having a studio and academy specifically for makeup and nails and thus came in Style-n-File in July 2016.

Any appreciation, be it a 5-star rating or an appreciation message, is a motivation to do better than what you are doing already. Criticism is also appreciated, so we know how to make things better for our clients/students

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