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50% of us are Vitamin D deficient!

Role & Essence of Vitamin D: The framework of the body is formed by bones and bones are made up of calcium. Calcium is needed in cell functions and proper nerve and muscle function. Vitamin D helps to absorb calcium and phosphorus from food in the small intestine. Therefore vitamin D is a much-needed nutrient […]

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The Hidden Dangers of Talcum Powder!

Right from your childhood, you must have seen talcum powder present in your house. It has to have a place on your dressing table or in your beauty kit. There’s rarely any person who must not have used or sprinkled talcum powder on them. When it comes to talcum powder, who could forget the famous […]

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Cancer – Prevent the Risks!!

Cancer is spreading like an epidemic in today’s world! Even though studies and research are being carried out for last 30 years, we still couldn’t get hold of it. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death as per World Health Organisations statistics. According to the studies, the more a nation is developed, higher is […]

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