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Know what exactly is LivePeppy!

Welcome to LivePeppy!! In today’s fast and competitive world, we are burdened with multiple responsibilities. Our desires are endless and there is no point of contentment. Hence, in every phase of life, we all go beyond our limitations in the quest of being the best. Therefore in such a scenario, we don’t realize that we […]

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Guide for an Entrepreneur to Lead a Healthy Life!

An entrepreneur should focus on health and change doesn’t come that easily rather they take moments. Their schedule includes stress and sleepless nights paired with innumerable dreams in eyes. All the hard work is essential for them, so as to stay one step ahead of everyone else and flourish their business to great heights. They […]

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All about Milk – Lactose Intolerance!

Lactose intolerance is a common digestive problem which arises when a person’s body shows an inability to fully digest milk sugar or lactose. In this condition, a person may love dairy products a lot but his/her body shows unwillingness towards intake of dairy products. The condition may bring you discomfort or embarrassment, but isn’t harmful […]

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Protein Intake for Different Age Groups

There is so much excitement surrounding protein! Bodybuilders are gulping down glasses of protein shakes and dieters are gorging on protein bars. It’s like the hottest thing for fitness freaks around the universe! Why? Well, it’s easy to understand. Protein forms an important component of every cell in the body. It helps in – Forming […]

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