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Life ahead Stress-Free and Calm Pregnancy


We live in the jet age, where conceiving is a stressful issue for most couples and it is even more stressful after she conceives. Stress during pregnancy is normal to some extent as one cannot stop thinking about the baby.

Common Thoughts in Pregnancy like,

Am I eating enough..??

Is the nutrition level ok for the baby..??

Is my baby normal..??

are some common thoughts that every pregnant woman goes through during her pregnancy.

Pregnant women who have conceived with medical help are more prone to the thought of losing the baby or having a miscarriage throughout their pregnancy which again is a cause of stress or developing pregnancy complications. It is important to try and keep stress free as this, at times can affect the baby, leading to a premature baby or an underweight baby and causing health issue from birth.

In our daily lives, we deal with stress and ways to manage and overcome stress, similarly, it is of utmost importance to destress and build positive thought. If a pregnant woman is unable to handle the stress especially to do with her pregnancy it could also affect the brain development of the child which could cause behavioral issues in the growing years.

Some Facts:

Having a baby is not as easy as it sounds, though it brings a lot of joy to the family, it also creates stress for the couples who are not ready for the baby and one partner insists on having the child (emotional stress) or if they are not financially ready for the baby (financial stress) or pregnant woman is going through a troubled relationship. Women pregnant with the 2nd child carry the family stress of hoping to have the baby of the desired gender.

During pregnancy, stress is also caused naturally due to the changes happening in the body by the hormones hence the stress level affect the pregnant women as well & causes health issues like blood pressure.

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Working Women:

Working pregnant women also stress about their body weight gain and by when they can lose all the pregnancy weight, women at responsible positions and entrepreneurs stress about what they need to complete before going on their maternity leave, in-between all this work and pregnancy they stress about their bonding with their baby and how they will manage work being a working mom.

Fathers stress as well with knowing the fact that they are soon going to have a baby, it would only be fair for the fathers to understand and try and help his wife (pregnant) to destress. Couples can make the most of this time by taking a short trip, spending a good time together during the pregnancy.

Normally  we can catch up with friends and family to destress over drinks and dinner, movies, etc. however during pregnancy for some traveling may not be such a good option also considering the trimester they are in, here are some tips to de-stress and have a stress-controlled pregnancy:

Stay Hydrated:

Keep yourself hydrated, especially pregnant women who are facing morning sickness or aversion to some food need to drink enough water as that clears the toxins and ensures your body is hydrated.

Stay Calm & Happy:

When we laugh we tend to forget all issues that may cause stress, watching your favorite comedy movies would be one of the options to laugh your gut out, avoid emotional drama movies 

Keep Yourself Engaged:

Most of the women are creative and have that one hobby that they always wanted to learn or want to go back to their ‘creative me’, this is the time to keep your mind engaged with taking up a hobby like fabric painting, crochet, knitting, sketching, craft making, cooking etc.

Stay Fit:

Fitness moms can consult their doctor and do light exercises, yoga for pregnant women or simply go for a walk.

Pamper Yourself:

Pampering yourself is another way to de-stress, one can walk into a salon for a nice manicure/pedicure and hot oil hair massage with hair steam and hair wash.


Avoid pushing yourself to wake up when your body still wants to rest, as during pregnancy sleep becomes seldom as a comfortable sleep position is hard to find.

A pregnant woman should believe in the fact that everything will be just fine, be it if she is stressing about finances, emotions, relationship, work or just being pregnant is causing stress. Believing in ‘couldn’t have been better and the best is, yet to come’ is like creating a positive aura around the pregnant woman where stress is controlled or nil.  It is one’s own responsibility to keep stress free as the effects of stress during pregnancy has an adverse effect on the life growing within you.

Be Happy, Be Peppy. LivePeppy! 🙂

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